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Ain't no sunshine

Wasn't that a dirty trick I played in my last post giving u the least amount of info of my sick baby (too tired) AND the most dramatic info (the air vac) in one??

Before I go any further, here's a pic of me and my tuchus ("to-cuss") on a brighter day (cause no one wants to see a baby all hospitalized and stuff).

So let me break it down, but in a short Lamans terms blog kind of way because you are all so sweet to send love his way, but we are not 85 so we don't need a play by play of every medication and doctor visit of all time.

Since sonny was so sick I was keeping a hawk eye on his sweet little self. As time passed he grew increasingly dehydrated and then basically began (and kept on) making quick desperate gasps for air (think freaky mutant human breathing on that Will Smith movie) he also was nearly impossible to wake up. Turns out this boy had a very severe viral lower respiratory infection (and now also a bit of pneumonia) which was slowly clogging each airway with mucous (more or less) Helicopter took him from one ER to children's hospital because, unlike adults who slowly get worse...our babies' amazing little bodies basically run a marathon against those nasty germs and then out of nowhere, BAM. Stop breathing.

No air for Sonny = cardiac arrest = I jump off the nearest cliff.

Yadi Yadi hooked up to breathing machine, lots of other wires...and here we are in PICU (or "pick u" if your cool like me) until those stupid medicine resistant viral bugs go away...but freaking hallelujah for hospitals , right!?

But it was almost this exact date last year that Adam was hospitalized for 9 days...So why not keep that totally FUN torch alive!?

For now, my Sonny is still very sick, but in much more capable hands than my own. And don't even get me started on how thankful i am for miracle machines, and prayer, and smart people, and people who give service, and America, and cute babies with curly hair and shark eyes, and family, and God, and all of you...and helicopters!!!

I'll keep u posted :)

p.s. A "tuchus" apparently means "butt" in Yiddish. I did not know this (until just now when I looked it up) but frequently have the urge to call him one (?)

p.p.s. Thank u for all your fantastic support! (Renee, thanks for making me laugh, as usual. And even all u shy ones who came out of the woodworks to wish my sonny well :)

Greetings from PICU

My sonny bear is even sicker than ever. You'd have to fight me to the death to get me to leave his hospital bedside for the next week or so (they already made me let them take him on the helicopter without me...torture!) But If you wish, say a little prayer for my sweet baby boo (and anyone who dares stand between us ;)


paper heart

With a busy birthday weekend (elyott) and a sick sick baby, I don't think i have even one shirt without snot/vomit/drool on it. Needless to say, i haven't had much time to implement any of the fancy ideas i had for this week. However, Elyott and i ordered this cute book online with her birthday gift cert (we are similar in that we like to make stuff, but we need major start up support to get our wheels turning)...

Here are a few paper projects that have inspired me lately.

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sonny: child star

Ever heard of the Tie Chair? (a genius creation for a "highchair" on the go that fits any chair and locks that kiddo down ;) Well my good friend is the inventor of its cuteness, and today my little goo is featured in an advertisement for it on Check out his camera "what the hell" face. i guess even babies get stage fright...

team Boo 's you

p.s. Please excuse my absence. baby is currently the sickest boy in all the land :(

p.p.s. Does anyone have a good recommendation for mascara that won't make me look like a  crazy drunk lady by 3:00? (with all the smudgy black residue under my eyes) I just use the classic hot pink and green kind cause its cheap and because i don't have the money to waste trying out new kinds. That's where you come in! leave me a comment and i will love you foreverrrrr!!


sharing the love.

Here at team Boo we are all about , so we want to do all that we can to share it!

Therefore, proceeds generated through advertising on this site will be DONATED to various charities that will be featured right here! That way you get the word out for your product(s) or site and help others and raise awareness through its revenue...everybody wins!

I'm super excited to introduce our very first recipient, the Heifer Organization, for it is one of my favorite charities. For years I have planned to donate to them on Christmas in lieu of gifts (but then i always chicken out expecting my family to make fun of my randomness). Anyway, they are the group that helps families in impoverished areas of the world by providing livestock and supplies that will sustain them for years to come (aka. best idea ever). today (thanks to my sponsors), we will be donating a goat to a family in need. did you hear that guys? 

Heifer says Goats Are Great for Families...
"Goats can thrive in extreme climates and on poor, dry land by eating grass and leaves. The gift of a dairy goat can supply a family with up to several quarts of nutritious milk a day - a ton of milk a year. Extra milk can be sold or used to make cheese, butter or yogurt. Families learn to use goat manure to fertilize gardens.
Goats often have two or three kids a year making it easy for Heifer recipients to pass on the gift of a goat to another family in need. This great investment allows our partners to lift themselves out of poverty by starting small dairies that earn money for food, health care and education."  

If you have any other charities you'd like me to consider donating to (and featuring) here, please email me at I'd love to hear about what charities mean the most to you! And of course thanks to the Team Boo sponsors that made this donation possible!! 
(click here if you'd like to be one of them)

to donate directly to here

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blob snob?

(...a follow up to yesterday's post. But FYI, I cut and moved the beginning here as a reference point. So, if it sounds familiar, you're not crazy. might be, but that has nothing to do with me)
"I'm not cutesy. I'm not romantic. It's too late to pretend like i am graceful or profound. Or that i sew weird little cross eyed dolls for my daughter on a whim, or that I naturally notice little things like...whiskers on kittens. I don't call people "darlings" and I am absolutely sure that I don't take pictures for posts of my homemade flax seed frittatas (or even claim to know what a frittata is).
In fact, did i just eat 9 mini santa candy bars for lunch? Yes. Yes i did."
Now before you roll your eyes and say without emotion "yesss. Team Boo. we get it, we get it. you're quirky and you think poop jokes are funny which is ironic cause your a housewife and housewives are supposed to be lame and stuff"...please believe me when i say: I understand.

...It reminds me of forever ago, when Jennifer Love Hewitt was still famous (not that i'm famous), and she was on that MTV show "You think you know, but you have NO idea" and she'd pretend pick her nose and called herself a "big dork" like 28 times. Basically saying "not only am i hot, but I'm down to earth and fart just like one of the guys" and then we were supposed to be all "wow. she is the PERfect girl!" but instead we just threw up on our TV screens. 

She was the Megan fox of the 90's, if you will.

And I am not trying to lead a revolution here! or say that i'm so unique and cool. this isn't an "us against them" post but rather an "accept our differences" one. It's just that sometimes i start to act like J. Lo when she dated P.ditty (excuse me, "Ditty Dirty Money") with her half tops and bandanas...and then we were all "what the..." the next day when she was all regal and "old hollywood" dating Ben Affleck and only answering to "jennifer," buuuut inevitably went back to her old Bronxy self with her giant hoop earrings and her teacup chihuahua latin dreamboat husband. 

...and the universe was right again.

(holy pop culture references. Are you still with me??)

Basically...I love DIY blogs. I love pretty picture blogs. I love fashion and food blogs. i do! In fact, i spend many of my web hours drooling over them and probably have all their stuff in my tumbler. My point is just that im not one of them. All i'm saying is, if blogs were dressing rooms, some would be Nordstroms while I would be like a Marshalls or something. Theirs would have complimentary personal shoppers and water bottles, and mine would have bad lighting and smell like...Doritos (but at least you might find some cute $7 shoes??)

However, if one day i (or you) wear something other than stretchy jeans and want to post about how well we hid our tummy fat with some vintage miracle dress...or we sew ourselves a quilt of our monogrammed family tree, or if i cook something that doesn't involve hamburger meat and salsa...I just might post it here. And I won't be "selling out" because there are no such thing as blog rules, hooray! (and besides, only teenage skaters say that :) 

team Boo 's you
p.s. If you are a "nordstrom" blogger...then congratulations at not having to convince people you're awesome. 

p.p.s. yes...I did almost hurt myself backpedaling that fast.


better to be haaated than love love loved for what you're not.

make avatar

"team Boo: the most interesting blog you've read...since the one you just came from." -myself

When i was a freshman in college, I was certain that the only alternative to my homebody lifestyle was one of two things:

a) playing airport hide and seek, cupcake bingo or something equally as dorky at church institute


b) getting plastered. 

I had a lab partner that all but slipped me a roofie to get me to go to the black and white "ball" for his douche fraternity. After weeks of pleading, finally through my clenched jaw, i agreed (sure it was to be a mistake). It wasn't a was a di-saster. First, he told me that all the girls had to wear white. WHITE! the cardinal sin of dress colors as far as i'm concerned. The only thing that my recent 40 pound weight gain looked forward to more was getting family pictures taken or dripping bacon grease on the front of my shirt (or anything else that drew attention to myself). I got the next best thing...a passenger seat full of teriyaki sauce on my big. white. butt. To add insult to injury, every girl there was guessed it, black (the night was off to an inevitable start). The 15 minutes before the "party bus" arrived was tolerable (with my date's cheesy v neck sweater tied around my waist, of course). But then the conversations got confusing and, at last, i was abandoned in an insufferable bubble of sobriety. Pretty soon after that, my date ditched me and later got thrown out of the club for underage drinking or something (duh!) I did my best for the next 4 hours to find the least intoxicated person in the dark. i never did. Blah blah blah, drunk screaming, throw up, lots of unreciprocated conversations and me = the biggest sucker of Arizona State University. the end. "NEVER AGAIN!" i cried out (*fists clenched to the sky*). 

And then i set that white dress on fire.

Needless to say, these social nightmares only validated my choice to continue being a hermit (safe from vomit or humiliating disappointment). So, i spent Friday nights watching movies like Secret of Nimh and overdosing on Krispy Kremes (hence the 40 pound weight gain). It's is through divine intervention alone that I ended up marrying Adam, and came out of my nerd coma. Luckily he lived in another city at the time, and therefore couldn't smell my pathetic cartoon watching shame.

What is the point of this story, you ask? (besides a glimpse into the unflattering stage i set for my adult life and a way for my children to solidify my un-coolness with stories of my youth). It is clarification (mostly to myself) that even if i am a misfit in the blog world, I am the "leading lady in my own life!" (i swiped that from The Holiday starring the elegant Kate Winslet). But hermit or not, I have changed a little since college (but nothing worth calling the Rickie Lake Show"i used to be fat, but now i'm all that!") Though still scrappy, I'm a bit more ambitious, much more self assured and have discovered my creative side (not to mention completely traumatized by Krispy Kremes). And lucky for you, now I blog about it :) So unless you're searching for the lastest DIYs or pretty picture of a teacup in a windowsill(?), i'll be here...posting things that i think are worth remembering/being the best blogger everrrr! ;)

...and probably eating nachos or something.

team Boo 's you


a vampire. and a winner!

Today was such a nice day! It almost made me want to go for a walk. 

...and the winner of the Goose and Trisser giveaway is:
two happy hearts!! 
(who has quite a lovely blog herself)

(email me at
thanks for playing :)

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hey guys, wanna know what is funny about babies?


(and motherhood is filled with it)
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SO...saying you're cool, means you're not??

Aren't you dying to know what has inspired me lately!? (*nod head and smile*). Quirkiness always catches my attention...


 if i were a vehicle at this exact moment...I would be this guy. (what a selfless truck i am)
{via ffffound}

I'd love this on my wall
(music gives you wiiings!!)

my rock band character wears an off the shoulder beauty with cat eyes just like this...i've been looking for the real deal ever since (fun fact: i kinda hate cats?)

As trite as this pop culture reference may be, this onesie is pretty cute.

also a quote (for good measure...but mostly so people know that i DO read instead of just look at pretty pictures):

thoughts become words. words become actions. actions become habits. habits become character, and character is what we really are.
— Glimpses (into the life and heart of Marjorie Pay Hinckley)

Hope your long weekend was better than my super lame one :)

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a little sonny delight...

Today i practiced using iMovie '11. I am SO behind in my movie making cause my iMac has been all wonky. Now i am up and running with the newest software, and I am certain we are gonna be friends...(iMovie 11 and me) Hooray for technology!!

p.s. please excuse the poorly formed sentences. I didn't check until after i uploaded to vimeo and am too impatient to go back and change it (we are still just acquaintances you see)

p.p.s if you haven't already, go enter our giveaway...

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today i feel...

if I had only three things to describe what I'm feeling today these circles would do the trick. Thanks circles.

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mini giveaway! goose and trisser

We don't often do giveaways here at team Boo and i'll tell you why: I frigging hate going to the post office (mostly cause i'm a hermit). If it's me that's in charge of filling the order, you might forget you even won something by the time you get it in the mail. BUT! Rachel of Goose and Trisser is here to pick up my slack and is offering one of you lucky ducks some cold hard cash ($15 gift cert) toward one of her lovely handmade creations. My fave is the "Tupac special" synthesized voice..."california loooove"...

To enter: check out the shop then leave me a comment here telling me what you likey. For an additional entry leave a second comment showing you follow/subscribe to team Boo. Easy peasy! I will announce the winner Wednesday the 19th (tell your friends ;
Good luck :)

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monkey see monkey do.

As excruciating as it is to see my facial expressions on camera (although the quality here is ridiculously terrible), it still makes me laugh to watch this. Adam used to always do this to me when we were dating when i got mad about something, and it would always make me laugh (he knows better than to do this to me after 10 years together ;) But he still does it to the kids every now and then...they think its funnoying (funny and mostly annoying) but that's what parents are for, right?

team Boo 's you

p.s. Isn't it weird to see blog friends on camera?? I think it is...especially when they sound deaf. Like i do here. (promise that isn't how i talk...not that there is anything wrong with that!)


team boo gets inspired.

Since my motto for this year is "absorbtion and practice" i am going to try dedicating a day of blogging every week to sharing the things that inspire me. Some i try, others are just a treat for my eyeballs. You never know...they just may inspire you too :) 

Things that always catch my eye are: color and rich layering. Stuff I'd love to do more with this year.

team Boo 's you



Sheamus got a "famous fudge" making kit for christmas and was beyond thrilled because, incase you have been reading his name wrong all along, "famous" rhymes with his name ;) (This is a subject that is always in the foreground of his thoughts..."mom does 'cheese' rhyme with 'shmeeze'?...does 'iron man' rhyme with 'pi-ron pan'?...does 'blanket' rhyme with 'sp-lanket'?") 

He is sometimes anxious and fairly particular about his belongings (for example: he saves all the garbage packaging and "constructions" to all his new toys, so at any moment they might be displayed as originally purchased) So when he decided to do a "seller" stand of his famous sheamus fudge, i was curious as to how it would play out. 

Maybe it was the frigid air, but he was a bit stressed at all the children staying gathered around his booth putting their greedy little fingers on his product, so he'd sometimes forget to say thank you when someone paid him $5 for a watered down cup of cocoa (in his defense the concept of money is as clear as speaking chinese is to me)...and he gave absolutely NO freebies (not even a family discount to Elyott). So like a savvy/anal retentive little business man, he came out about 15 dollars ahead! 

Even though he is the cutest salesman I know, we may have to teach him a little customer service 101 ;)

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bowling for pinks.

We have a few young citrus trees that bear a lot of fruit but still aren't mature enough to make fruit that doesn't taste like crap. So we picked them anyway and played the old classic: bowling grapefruits at spray paint cans. Apparently i am a total killer-joy of a mother cause I somehow manage to make a simple game like this too structured. In my mind it was simple and fun: throw the grapefuits and see how many cans you can knock over, yay!...what would i possibly have to micromanage?

Me: "take turns throwing them so you know who knocked them over....wait sheamus back up more...just throw the big go pick up all the ones you threw so we can start over...wait! let me finish setting up the cans before you try to knock them over again!

It's no wonder they resorted to throwing stuff at me, i am SO ANNOYING!!" (adding "take stick out of butt" to my resolution listI could have easily been all "la la la, look at us play our simple cave man game. aren't we silly and spontaneous?" But I needed to be called out on this one, cause I was being a freak. So finally, Dad came out to save the day with a simpler "throw the grapefruit as high as you can and see it explode on the ground. There are no rules to that game (or are there? ;)

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simpler times

One of my Illustrator to do lists this year is to make a paper doll set of my sweet Elyott. The only problem is I am an extremely frustrated Adobe Illustrator user. And by the way, why don't little girls play with them anymore!? Maybe if it has HER face she will be more motivated to make all my old fashioned dreams come truuuuuuue! (also i covet a few of these outfits in real life...ok, mostly the giant bunny suit)

these are killing me. dead. 
[thanks geri]
team Boo 's you

p.s. more printables like these can be found here 
(by raise of hands, how much do you want to be a paper doll right now? don't lie.)



wait....i mean flashback. to 2010. the year of hospitals and love (and love handles). We kicked it off like rock stars with a death scare (like a for real one) but emerged victorious, hooray! (in your face flesh eating bacteria) Elyott turned 7...minus dad :( But he got better just in time to bring the sunniest Sonny there ever was in all the land! He was cute, just like them. I pretended to be domestic but then traded it for being evil by making defenseless babies play dress up while they were still too uncoordinated to get away (I'm not used to compliance). 

Then we told AZ to suck it and took our second little/long road trip that ended too soon, then returned to melt our faces in new ways. Elyott got inspired, and then shiny new teethSchool started, and i got confused. Then i took baby steps to get my groove back (still waiting). I sat in the hot seat, and then I blinked and my Sheamus boy turned 5 (but is still as sweet as ever). 

We sipped pina coladas, and then painted cardboard until our souls turned black . We took a little time out for family and celebrated talked about the 8th year since we put a ring on it. I got olderWe made a lot of cardboard candySonny smiled and nursed nonstop. Then Adam got older. We got our first official family pictures taken and owned it. BUT, most importantly...we loved each other's faces off. got served! the end :)

team Boo 's you

*remember to mix in a lot of stress and heartache. It's just not as fun to hear me whine about money or days i spend in the fetal position. But if life is for learning...we learned a lot ;)

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