I feel so silly writing my first walking out of a public restroom with my dress tucked into my panty hose. Feeling so exposed and retarded. Now i suppose i'll have to confess that i'm wearing the same cutoff jeans for the third day in row (i promise i'm not bowlegged like that picture suggests??), or that my kids pretend to be kitties even though only the weirdos did that at recess when i was in school (they are only 5 and 2, they have time to wise up.)  And so what if i know all the words to most Reba McEntire songs , and that I can kill a Ben and Jerry's Smores ice cream pint in about 10 minutes (for which my husband has so lovingly nicknamed me "hoover mouth"...don't get carried away with that one).  

My most recent impulse buy was a unicorn book end.  Like a crazy person i am addicted to chewing ice, horrible.  Also like a crazy person I am obsessed with organizing and throwing stuff away, ironic for a girl who buys so much crap at thrift stores (i.e. unicorn book ends).  I love finding new good music, especially the "weird kind with no words" thinks my husband (thank you crystal castles and the knife for the bad rap, and no, i don't dance with glow sticks...but i am somewhat of a whore for a good beat).   Metric is where it's at.  My husband owns and WEARS a purple shirt, and my personal fav....forced me to suffer through the "Perfect Man" on tv (starring the talented Hillary Duff and cougar Heather Locklear) to which i feel asleep to and he finished watching!  Oh my sweet husband...he is a stallion otherwise (wink).  I love 30 rock starring the hillarious Tina Fey.  I have a freakishly good sense of smell and knack for memorizing words to music, but a worthless reactionary time (much to my husbands delight).

Anyway you get the point. I have two sweet hilarious kids and husband who despite being only one noogie short of being a teasing older brother is amazing, helpful, cute and funny and tall (...he'll be happy i said those last three). I suppose in the end i am much more comfortable being the geek that tucked her dress into her undies. I hope to be remembered as the girl who was always grateful for her crazy lifeI am far from perfect, but I love love love my family and i learn as i go to laugh at myself as much as possible (or at other people now and again, cause let face it: that makes us all feel better :)

Peace out ...(also i hate when people say "peace out").
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