Boys II Men

My sweet "stachio".  Only a voice crack away from a 13 year olds very first sign of manhood: behold the 5 o'clock Crustache.  

Why would you want one?  The same reason mullets are ever duplicated....because they're frigging awesome.  

Plus that's all my sweetheart can grow (i love him :) It's God's way of easing me into the idea of vacationing in Mexico(minus the pregnant street dogs, random gunfire, and almost pooping your pants on the car ride home). Baby steps sweetie, someday you'll grow that foo man chu...


Awww, Snap!

-Cheesy quivering smile....check
-at least one crying child....check
-faux fireplace backdrop....check 
-And one four year old who begged you to be "fancy", who now has mascara running down her face (check).   
There's no disputing the fun of a family portrait at the local JC Penny.  I'd rather snack on a light bulb, thank you.  Enter the multi-talented Rachael Earl...come to shed new light on capturing family moments (sans the lame manufactured poses, and unsightly turtle chins.  Just promise to leave the shoulderpads at home).  I love it.  Thanks friend.

Reeeead me....

Luf him, and you will too ;)

(check out to be my book friend, its a great site if you need book recommendations from people you like)


Pop Rocks!

10 reasons my dad rocks...

1. His love and knowledge of music, and has a song for ANY comment.
2. encouraged 7 yr. old me to jump off a 20 ft(?) stump into the eel river 
3. knows what a "stick out" is (and almost everything else)
4. his rubber-band face when we were little
5. Is a 10 year old boy when outdoors
6. Doesn't play golf
7. Self taught to play guitar in his 30's...plays in an "old man" rock band @ 50+
8. Still believes he has "perfectly normal" looking feet :)
9. Can kill a Donald duck impression (one of many)
10. Loves Ben and Jerry's as much as I do

10 reasons my husband rocks...

1. He lovingly sings the kids twinkle little star without hitting a single note
2. Isn't above "buttercupping" his 4 year old daughter
3. Loves every movie, and doesn't mind me falling asleep to most of them
4. Knows all the short cuts & can jimmy-rig any contraption or invention
5. Always orders dessert 
6. Makes the freakin' best chocolate chip cookies
7. Orders cheese pizza or chicken strips at 75% of restaurants
8. Folds all our laundry!!...and packs the kid's bags perfectly for a trip
9. Shaqueefa never dies
10. Is ALWAYS the one my kids throw up on he's hot to trot ;)

10 reasons my step-dad rocks...

1. He can hypnotize any crying baby into a coma
2. He works himself to the bone...but never complains
3. He's the best headache head squeezer ever!
4. Gives me blankets before i even realize i'm cold
5. His super gay guy taste in shopping (but makes up for it w/his "all man" monster sized Excursion)
6. Always a gentleman...and SO humble!
7. His "korean" sneezes
8. Lets us force him to play games 
9. His infamous "sigh"
10. Woke up with raisinettes stuck to his chest

To all the Dads in my life....Happy fathers Day!!!!


dressing on the side...

Wheee! Grrr! Ahhh!  The sound of gloriousness coming from my basement. Yet also the sound of trauma when Elyott is forcing Sheamus to be Snow White.  My kids have come to discover the positive-attention-getter of the decade: the kid in public dress up. We have so many costumes at our house it's retarded.  They love nothing more than pretending to be whatever crazy they can conjure up that day.  

Currently Sheamus is 100% obsessed with being "Mr. Incredible"...a costume he cherishes for its built in "boneths" (aka. muscles) as he calls them ("look at all my boneths mom!"). He wears this bed, to the gym, to my brother's high school graduation, to swim lessons in 95 degree heat (bless his superhero heart), to the store, etc.  At church he just carries it around like a dirty blanket. It is so awesome.  You gotta admire the dedication.  

Elyott, on the other hand, changes costumes about....4-6 times a day at least?  My favorite is when she pees her pants in like three of them in one day. The two of them get along great, and I'm proud of Sheamus for staying strong and not letting Elyott dress him according to her preference (Well, for the most part. He has been talked into a pink carebear). As for the costume for tomorrow?? my vote: the "ariel meets mexican prostitute" of Elyott's best ;)


Fake it till you make it

I ran the san diego marathon this weekend with Bert . 

Mistake #1: forgot my shoe inserts (orthotics) Felt awesome 'til about mile #21 when my knee caps turned into grinding stones. 

Mistake #2: decided i had trained long enough that i could do the no shirt thing after i got too hot. This was fine until caught a glimpse of the pictures Adam took where my stomach turned into old lady neck skin with each pound of the foot (thank you pregnancy!) It's coo. This must have been why the 70 year old man on the sideline whooped "a high five for the pretty lady!"  Oh, he got his high five...and I've got all my angles covered.

The trip was a blast. Lots of laughing, and i didn't even pee my pants once! Can't wait for the next. Thanks grandma and pa Peterson and grandma and pa Brown for taking/loving my babies while i was gone and of course Bert and Bairdhound for the sweet sweet company...IMPALLA!
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