break out.

This is a post where I pinky promise not to talk about school (and pinky promises are pretty legit around these parts). 

Wanna know what is really dumb about birds? They have one of the most awesome and rare abilities of all living animals, so i swear they are just being cocky when they swoop in front of moving cars and do sneaky dangerous things rubbing it in our faces like little jerks. But sometimes this invincible attitude breaks their cute little necks. Like the three birds who in an hour span that tragically ran into the glass windows near the pool of the Mexican hotel we stayed in last week. They have all this open space to fly over the ocean and land on quaint rooftops and they choose to fly straight into reflective glass. Immediate deadness. What idiots. Poor cute little idiots.

You wanna know who else is poor and cute and NOT an idiot (but his parents are)? My Sonny bear. Sweet baby fell backward off a high bed and got a concussion on the tile floor in Mexico. Being in a poor country is a scary place to be injured, especially when the injured one is your baby. After an hour of persistent head trauma induced vomiting (i scary) we got the H out of there and back to the US. We had a long 4 hours of a vomiting and lethargic Sonny. Finally we checked him into the our local children's hospital (for the second time this year!) where a CT scan and an overnight stay deemed his little nugget safe to go on thinking about his hippopotamus and laughing at sound effects and doing all sorts of classic Sonny things. I feel sad for the people of Puerto Penasco (and many other places in the world) that only have old school x-ray machines (if that) to check their sweet babies "concussed" heads. What a helpless feeling it would be to not know how to help your hurt baby :( 

I am thankful that Sonny is okay, I really feel like we dodged a bullet. Besides he needs to keep all his brains in tip top shape for his upcoming therapies. You see Sonny has a few "developmental delays". Which is the official and much scarier way of saying he can't talk or walk and doesn't do much in the way of communicating besides a scream here or there (and laughing of course). He is 20 months. When I was younger I babysat a 3 year old kid that just force grunted/screamed at everything, and the thought of that Sonny acting anything like that kid gives me mini PTSD. The docs are almost certain it's not autism, and that some early intervention therapies should boost his abilities. I'll keep you posted (whether you like it or not ;) on his progress as we get further into his treatment.

Anyway i barely got any pictures while we were in Mexico :( like 5.  So i guess this picture of my cute Elyott above (whom i saw for about three minutes while we were there) none of Sheamus (who counted down the days sixteen times a day until we got to go home from our "field trip". Total home-body.) and this one below of my sweet Sonny Delight playing with his barf bag in the hospital will have to do. 

The next two weeks I will be in church Halloween party mode. The annual event where i wear the same cutoff jean shorts with a box cutter in my back pocket for two weeks straight. Did i mention i look gorgeous? cause i mega don't. but it goes with the scary theme, right?

team Boo 's you


fall shmall.

Ever wonder how people in the armpits of the world mentally survive the anti-Fall? They sink into a deep denial where they are safe eating hot tortilla soup and wearing fleece like the rest of you, with a few tricks:

1. Play in grass clippings instead of leaves (warning: may cause itchiness and ant bites)

2. Wear layers the second it dips below 80 (and then rip them all off in a sweaty rage when noon rolls around) 

Today it was 76 F. (monotoned) brrrrrr. 
Don't worry though, next week will be back up to the usual inapprope 90's.

3. When all else fails, you watch a lot of Harry potter, and do Harry Potter-y/magic things. Actually most british movies do the trick (minus the ones starring Jason Statham).

Happy Fall-ish!

team Boo 's you
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