staying grounded.

The thing I always forget about punishments is that you actually have to carry them out. 

And sometimes that can be a lot of work :/ If you go so far as to ground them for the day, you must be fully committed to the possibility of having to entertain, all day. Unless you're prepared to listen to 24 hr whining, which could always lead to more grounding ;) So think twice before you say the words, cause you may be in for a long day my friend.

But could it also be the smartest thing I've done all summer?? Cause after a day like this, I ultimately have nothing but gratitude for this undivided time I've had to love on my kids. Forget the chores, online browsing (eghm showering)...cause clearly what i didn't know was that a full day committed to nothing else but these little turds was just what I needed. A day to slow it down and appreciate their sweet little spirits, one on one, just as they are today. After all, these kids are the the greatest gift i will ever if it takes a little mischief on their part to get my attention, bring on the "punishments"

*also, if you need answers as to what is going on with Sheamus....

It's ridiculous how charming this movie is

meet my little "Ash" 
he's nothing short of obsessed.

team boo 's you


mr. sun

if there ever were an answer, it's more love.

*side note: tonight i got this boy out of bed, but not for him, and even though i know it will be a set back. (he was crying which is what we have come to expect as he learns to sleep through the night.) My motive was completely selfish and completely worth it. For tonight i have been balling my eyes out reading about
this amazing mother. Thank you Kathleen for being such a true example to me of faith in Heavenly Father.
team boo 's you


juuuust chill.

Pretty sure i'd like a couple of these for my porch where my lover and i could eat popsicles and watch the kids tear up the yard. 

He might be mad at first for buying them, but then he'd thank me for such a stylish afternoon (no he wouldn't)

team boo 's you
(...and online shopping)


this is me NOT blowing myself to the moon...

Instead of explaining the blackening of my soul that has been my last few days, I am going to pretend like my kids aren't currently pounding on my bedroom door taunting "you wanna piece of me!?" for no good reason...and instead *inject some sunny memories into my ice heart.
(plus then if my kids are reading this somewhere down the line they can remember the times mommy wasn't scary or threatening to tape their faces shut) luck would have it, a few days prior to the few days that have turned my heart to stone, the kids and i decided to "embrace" the sun rather than resent it.  At 113 degrees the embracing was short lived, but we had fun experimenting with its ridiculously unrelenting rays.

*insert happiness here...

FYI: they just picked the lock.
aaaand i'm back.

team boo 's you
(and my kids...usually)


your FACE is a science experiment.

The Exploratorium is definitely one of my favorite places as a kid. It is a must see if you are in San Fran. It was so inspiring! Optical illusions, floating in mirrors, bacteria artwork, drinking fountains made out of toilet seats...and you thought i didn't experiment ;)

team boo 's you


now all we need is a couch in our front yard...

Who doesn't like white trash creative summer fun??
here's one of our best so far...

some scrap wood + plastic lining + some stray pavers + a hose = water slide...

Adam also constructed a 30 foot slip n' slide down our driveway with cardboard, egg crate foam and the same plastic sheeting.

I slid down twice.
my abs were sore the next day.

today it is 116 degrees
we will not be playing outside ;)

team boo 's you


"you shut your mouth when you're talking to me"

preparing to break our silence.....
team boo 's you
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