A dream is a wish your heart makes...

The last time I went to the doctor, someone told me that they "had a dog named Sonny!" ....TRULY, what every eager mother wants to hear. Yesterday Sonny and I took a trip outside the batcave for a checkup. And that is when my day went from normal to awesome. I was just minding my own business when a lady came to take a peek...
"oh he's so cute!....Is he Mexican?"
Say what? Doth my ears decieve me? Did Adam secretly pay a stranger to ask me that so I'd shut up already about adopting a child?? (see here and here )
"no.... just a little jaundiced" I coyly replied.
Could it be? Did I actually WILL my body to miraculously make a partially latino child?!? What I couldn't let on was that I maybe peed my pants a little with (dillusional) excitement at the thought (cause let's be real, the kid looks white). However, being of latin decent herself, I figured her a credible enough source to atleast pretend the crazed look in my eye I wore for the rest of the day was justified.... If she only knew what a weirdo I was. Thank you universe for validating my efforts to venture out of the house...and for reignighting my tolerance of strangers that insist on talking to me in waiting rooms ;)


sister christian

This week team Boo made the 17 hour trek (factoring in the extra 5 hours in the car for blizzard delays ;) to park city,UT This photo depicts my very sweet and eager Elyott before riding to the top of the hill only to have her teeny 41 pond body catapulted off her tube at the first bump in the track. In retrospect there is nothing sadder than seeing a little kid get their glasses knocked off...and that is why I am grateful my tube was going too fast down the hill so she couldn't hear me accidentally still laughing. Maybe it was the "Utah" (aka. "The Uterus" ) confusing my maternal instincts?? Whatevs, when all was said and done no children were phisically (or emotionally) scarred during the whole tubing experience ;) Cross your fingers the drive home will welcome bluer skies!!! Back to the AZ (aka "the armpit") grind....
**UPDATE: the ride home involved sitting next to a dirty dog in the back seat, my 12 year old brother with a cold and both my kids barfing and diarrhea-ing the whole way home. But I guess it always could have been worse (no it couldn't).
....ahh making memories.


Sonny is one month...

Look how excited we are! Sonny facts: -he has smiled 3 times at mommy and no times at dad -unlike elyotts sweet smelling breast milk poop...sonny's smells like death/a dairy farm. -he has giant man hands (but beautiful nail beds ;) -he has granted me 2 nights of uninterrupted sleep....kinda -he is half human, a quarter squealing piglet, and a quarter Italian mobster -he snorts more than momma -he is the sweetest little McGooch I know


warning: this may be super boring to most of you

details shmetails...
In all of this fresh baby haze
I have left a few of you unsatisfied with a severe lack of details
what kind of a female am i??
(It must be that intoxicating new baby smell)
Sonny, like my two other McGoos, came extremely fast
when I got to the hospital I was 9 cm
(so, for those of you who have not had children
thats like 4 seconds before the baby "turtle heads")
I did finally get to have an epidural (kinda)...Hallelujah!!
(i didn't have time with Elyott or Sheamus)
it wasn't in there 5 minutes before Sonny came out peaceful and very unsquished
just enough to take the edge off what feels nothing short of a train driving out of my hospital gown ;)
he was 7 lbs 15 oz
(my biggest baby by 1 pound)
Elyott and Sheamus are adjusting amazingly!
neither can get enough...
Sheamus asked while Sonny slept "is he a frozen one?....I love this boy!"
and now instead of being worried that we would name the new baby "Sheamus" he wishes his own name was "Sonny"
Elyott runs in the door everyday from school with a new kick in her step ready to greet baby.
She is very proud of being able to hold him while standing
She is so nurturing and loving to both my boys
Such a sweet big sister!
team boo 's you


somewhere between Footloose and Sex In the City...

i actually kinda like this dress....
but you know something isn't right when you can't decide if a girl looks good for her age
...or instead looks too alien for her age??
I'm just sayin'....tight hairdos + "bo-face"(botox) = confusion
team boo 's you ...aaaand loves SJP (but just maybe lay off the eyeliner...oh, also eat a sandwich)
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