chola envy

Some of you may recall my post a while back about my desire for a bi-racial child.
Guys here is the sole reason i need a half Latino baby....
any takers?  Addie?? (you're mexican right?)  ;)
I'm just saying, if I'm gonna take the plunge and introduce another poo-fest, i'm gonna do it right. 


Eric and Addie said...

ok that is silly. if i could create a baby that looked like that i would be multiplying and replenishing the earth faster then you would ever even know. where did you find such an adorable baby girl?
and yes i am still here on this darn computer. i do blog frequently lets just pretend that today i put in one full day of blogging when really i was scrubbing the snot out of my baseboards. gotta run my walls are callin me next:)

Jessica said...

after seeing that pic...i need a half latino baby too!!

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