unclench people.

Project Boo's deadline is here!
but i heard that a couple of you still aren't ready to throw in the towel.
(plus i haven't posted all the ones i have received
plus i still haven't let you in on what the prize is.)
CLEARLY some of us suck at deadlines.
so I am granting you a little more time to get these suckers in.
and since "summer" officially ends for us (ie. school starts) on...
(monday) Aug. 10th
i am extending the deadline until then for all you late-ies*
(*that really only works when you type it, otherwise it just sounds like im calling you "ladies"
when really i'm just trying to insult you....but hopefully my "too good face" up top already did the trick ;)
now get going!!...

project boo:by lauren

i think it is important for all of us to have documented what we were like 
....before our days of shopping with children.
before we were on a mission for sour cream and diapers
breathing fire on anything that stood in our way.
when we could try on shoes and make silly faces
instead of racing to the bathroom mere minutes after you've piled all the frozen goods into your cart.
its a beautiful thing ;)

thanks Lauren!


selling my soul.

Over at MommyWantsVodka, Aunt Becky posed the question "WHY DO YOU BLOG?" which apparently was the lamest "hot topic" of a blogging convention she attended (there are actual blogging conventions??). Lame yes, but i am still going to answer it right here for you, because i often wonder this myself (pretend like you care)...
-i blog in an attempt to phase real human interaction out of my life all together. I think with this pregnancy i am almost there... ;)
-it is the only way i can "talk" to people while wearing a maternity tube top dress (without a bra) and still maintain some dignity.
-its a creative outlet to drop the random things in my head (what other forum could i post a picture of pants with a sewn in fart? )
-it just so happens we meet some amazing people along the way. If we are lucky, we can win some free crap and have people stroke our wounded mommy egos. Like a win....and then more winning!
-its a safe place to post your amateur photography....and exploit your amateur parenting skills.
-we can remember the things we love about our kids, without making those gaudy scrapbooks with a whole pages devoted to worthless stuff like.....the first time they went on a mechanical horse outside of Walmart.
-we can trick people into thinking we are photogenic...when really, we have hormonal pregnancy breakouts like you wouldn't believe. (but since i'm all about keeping it "real" i would never do such a thing, i'm just saying if you wanted to you could. shut up...I CHOOSE WHAT'S REAL!!)
-it helps me see a lighter, "bloggable" side to the unglamorous life i lead...which in all honesty is pretty frigging awesome. thankless, but awesome.


project boo: by Laura Brown

Laura has asked that you excuse the grainy nature of her little film which is otherwise the most cheerful and carefree yet. For i love to dance. Although it seems the deeper into motherhood i get the more i dance like...a mom. but how can you NOT want to prance around to this song and/or ride a bike to it?? you can't. and that is why I love it so. (although if i were to ride my bike in our "hot july" I would surely die of heat stroke) thanks Laura !

(...the song is called "bruises" by Chairlift)


proof you can't reason with a 3 year old...

last week sheamus covered himself from head to toe in green marker...

"i am Hulk sthmash!" he said proudly.

"oh yeah, looks like you'll be hulk for a while" i smirked.

then sheamus carries on throwing every item of laundry off my bed and pillow in the house onto the floor. But it is only later...after his third man dump (in one morning) that this mom reaches her max in patience.
me:  "Sheamus do you think Hulk poops in a diaper!?"
S:      "no"
me:   "so does he poop in the toilet like a big boy?" (armed with his fantasy, i am poised to manipulate and drive it home...)
S:      "no" he quickly answers again.
me:   (wait, what?) "sooooo, where does he go?"
S:      "Hulk just poops in the STREET." he says without a moments hesitation.

touché my dear. Hulk is SO unpredictable ;)

3 year old......1
(4 if you count the dirty diapers)


project boo: by Brittany

nothing says summer like days spent in the water.
check out the sweet underwater shots
of this cute family ...

view Brittany's vimeo

plus, i love a momma who'll get her hair wet ;)
thanks Brittany!

wishing my boobs would cooperate in an adorable suit like yours...
love the yellow!


broken record.

 {via little gypsy by the fallen princess project } It happened.
I knew the day would come.
it just cam sooner than i thought. I told Adam a funny story about my sister
and then not even 10 minutes later, i told him the EXACT SAME story 
with absolutely no recollection!
this has happened to me once before during pregnancy, 
but i thought it was a fluke.
 pregnant chicks are CRAZY. arm muscles, crazy
{and i am no exception} but this isn't to say my husband doesn't find me completely adorable,  cause he does. just adorable...and crazy.


getting a grip.

I should have taken this baby and run when i had the chance....
Yesterday I was reading some of Nie's archives (cause all i have is tiiiiiiime) that refreshed my memory on what it means to be in the moment with my life. Her blog oooses maternal love and a cozy feeling. I was reminded how much I know that I am right in the middle of everything I want. Thanks for the reality check Nie!  She should be a life coach ;) i luf her. ...buuuuuuuut really though, i should have just stolen this kid and saved myself all the sicks.
*{also, if you are wondering why it looks like i have a mustache....'s just a foreshadowing, caught as only a camera can, of what pregnancy will bring. 
thank you hormones}



Have you ever seen a cuter crime fighter?
{besides your own, of course}
I didn't think so ;)
the funniest part about this costume is the baby moose-knuckle he gets. ....but who cares when you're so awesome!


ya right.

each pregnancy sick time I have a game of choice. 
Last time it was SIMS...
...but then I started to dream in emoticons and stress out about my fun and bathroom levels {since I was too busy cleaning grandma's fly infested garbage piles after she stopped flushing the toilet}. Then my person would refuse to go to work cause she didn't have time to shower after she wet herself. She'd scream at me in jibberish that she wanted to play basketball, but before i could let her, she'd start to sway back and forth until she fell face down on the floor to sleep. 
Basically, it was too much real life stress for a game.
This time I a relying on the computer to keep me are a few things I've come up with:
these have been around for a i'm sure you've seen them by now.  
But that doesn't make them any less awesome...
*Also, i am a total spaz to think i could really manage two blogs.  Plus i am not feeling very "fun" lately, and finding two things to blog about all week was a major deal breaker.  Therefore "Fun with Team Boo" will just have to be a segment on my regular blog...and all will be well in internet land for me :)


project boo: by Rachel

so jealous of the scenery in this place!
i want to be there
i want to be anywhere but in my bed,
playing the generic version {Tile world} of old school Chips challenge
how pathetic is it that my shoulder hurts from pushing buttons on my laptop.

thanks Rachel!
and your cutest kids
{i want to link to you...but you're a private dancer}

by Rachel on Vimeo.

Project Boo is still going strong!!
but you better BUST A MOVE...


wrap it up.

One of the easiest ways to personalize a party is to re-package your own candy.  Cellophane bags with cute paper stapled at the top is one of the fastest and cutest party favors.  Or, if you don't happen to live in the butthole of America like we do {ie. the temperature is reasonable where you live} you can use Chocolate bars! 

project boo: by Laura

Laura , co-creator of gypsy feet , took a little road trip of her own.
And now i can't shake this song:
"just a small town girl, living in a lonely world...took a midnight train going anywhere"
but not just Dicks in seattle.
and i'm jealous cause i love anything in the northwest.

thanks Laura!


the next big thing...

I can't even tell you how much i love this .
Why didn't i think of it?
If it were a plate of garlic and cheese fries i would devour it.
If i could, i'd take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.
cause i always wear the same outfit for days, but people just give me crap.
but it also got me thinking...
maybe i should take pictures of ME for 365 days.
...only instead of wearing cute leggings and a dress,
I'll be wearing the same pair of stretch material cutoffs and ACDC t shirt
and i can title it "How far will 30 inches of material stretch?"
and you all could watch as i slowly retain gallons of water
and balloon into a pregnant whale.
It would probably be less inspiring,
but A LOT more amusing.



{image via sfgirlbybay}

isn't this beautiful.

why so shy?
or are you just about to spew?
{funny the different things we see depending on our mood}
FYI: on the flip side, my hair has been in the same pony tail for like 6 days.

yesterday I took an anti nausea pill
and then slept for 17 hours.
{in so many frigging crumbs by the way}
it was crazy.
....meanwhile my husband sewed,
made cookies with the kids,
did 4 loads of laundry,
bathed the kids and put them to bed.
he probably even brushed their teeth!
I love him.

sounds glorious, i know
but for punishment
today my daughter has had the Myley Cyrus "ho down" song 
on repeat for at least and hour
and i can't will myself to get up to stop it
someone please MAKE. IT. STOP.


resurrecting Fun

Are you guys getting sick of me yet? Just kidding, I don't care. 
....just kidding i do care i was just saying that so you thought i was cool. just kidding i'm not cool I just have the AC on really high. just kidding its not high I just wanted you to feel sorry for me cause its really hot. just kidding its not hot, it's snowing. just kidding it's not snowing it feels like a oven here and i want to peel off my skin, just kidding i can't peel things cause i don't have any finger nails. just kidding i do and they're really strong cause i'm pregnant. just kidding i not, i just want to barf at any moment with nausea, just kidding i'm not nauseous i just ate a lot of nachos, just kidding i hate nachos and I really am pregnant, just kidding nachos are delicious but i think i'm losing my mind.
{if you're confused go here }
....ANYWAY, I think I'm gonna give my other blog another shot.  The less personal and hopefully slightly less offensive side of me. Basically a bunch of stuff that is pretty and/or awesome to me, that doesn't make the cut of my family blog.   Its possible that it is merely an impulsive product of my bedridden state {seeing as how i have a lot more down time these days} but we'll see where the wind blowwwws.... {i maybe already changed my mind}


project Boo: by heather B.

A sweet second anniversary 
{in the same place we took our summer vacay...small world!}
and a PC user {with a killer smile} that wasn't afraid of a challenge.
let this be a lesson to you all.

{click here to view}

thanks two are adorable! 
{and so is your summer movie}


my sugar is so refined

last night I was so blue.

So i learned that spouting out a positive quote in a post is as good for lightening my mood as a one piece denim romper is to disguising pregnancy weight gain.
i scary.

To cheer me up 
my husband struck up a little game of 
"would you rather?" 
but not in a you-have-no-reason-to-complain kind of way 
(he knows that would earn him a karate chop to the neck)
but in a sweet distract-you-in-any-way-possible kind of way.

unfortunately, i wasn't quite ready for "perspective" 

but today I have decided it really IS an a endlessly entertaining game. 
(our favorite game in church as kids, besides MASH, duh)

but since this pregnancy has sucked my brain power dry.
i need your help to keep me in check.
so let's hear 'em!
(but keep it as void of food scenarios as possible for any thought could trigger a yak)
I'll kick it off with one of our favs...

Would you rather:
listen to Mambo #5 on repeat for a year straight 
have boobs for hands?
{no amputations allowed}

(FYI: Sheamus is so proud of this picture of himself.  My husband had this and a couple other graphic pics of my kids put on t-shirts for me last Christmas...such an awesome gift)


stuck in bed

this is what last week looked like.
{I, appropriately, was elephant}  and all this bed confinement got me feeling quite sorry for myself. but then i remembered this quote:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift…that’s why it’s called the present
-master Uguay
{kung foo Panda}
such words are hard to believe on a day like today
when it feels like i ate a dead hamster for breakfast.
but i gots to stay positive 
cause soon my sickness will subside 
and the universe will trade the nausea, 
for basketball sized boobs.
which, contrary to poular belief, is not a gift
but a curse!
but OOOOOOH babies!!
...that is how I know today really is a gift after all :)


project boo: by Megan

ah, road trips.
my husband's long-freak-of-nature torso prevents our family from taking them {torsos gotta run free}and my short torso longs to explore.{but i love him just the same}...

ANYway, thanks megan, for letting me LIVE through you.
{and miss my dorky little brother}
your video is SO well done!
dumpy car and all....

...i mean, Carol.

thanks Megan!...may your spirit always be freeeeeeeee!


you might be pregnant if....

1. you prefer rodeo stench to that of the Taco Bell drive through.

2. you go into Walmart unrepentantly wearing sunglasses, a muumuu, leggings and slippers.

3. you dry heave in the rocks outside your backdoor, and then throw up in your sink

4. you'd rather wet your bed than risk vertical induced nausea.

5. even your leggings are too tight

6. your cleavage starts to look like a chubby "coin slot"

7. chocolate sounds gross for the first time in the history of the WORLD.

8. you run into fellow bloggers on the 4th of July who publish a group picture on their blog where they look fabulous and you look like you just chugged a gallon of salt water {and no you do not get a link}

9. your kids eat saltines for lunch, with you, in your bed

10. then later you find those same neglected and unsupervised children playing games like this:

here we go folks...
{yes i'm pregnant}

*also, I got my iPhone back!!! so now I can play Word Warp shamelessly...until my soul turns black.


speaking of purge...

I'm sick as a dog. And since i can't clean my insides... I am cleaning up my site, and purging all the clutter...bear with me  {oh ya, and i'm stuck in bed with nothing to do}
If I have disappeared from your follower list, don't fret. I am still watching you ;)
To make it easier to navigate my site I am taking these clips off the bottom.  If you haven't watched them it now.  You won't regret it.
See more funny videos at Funny or Die
...and a little metric for good measure.
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