project boo: by Laura Brown

Laura has asked that you excuse the grainy nature of her little film which is otherwise the most cheerful and carefree yet. For i love to dance. Although it seems the deeper into motherhood i get the more i dance like...a mom. but how can you NOT want to prance around to this song and/or ride a bike to it?? you can't. and that is why I love it so. (although if i were to ride my bike in our "hot july" I would surely die of heat stroke) thanks Laura !

(...the song is called "bruises" by Chairlift)


Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, this is such a sweet little film. And it's alright about the grainy-ness, it lends a certain charm! :)
And please do be sure and enter my first ever giveaway! It's really easy to enter.


boots said...

I am having so much trouble getting my video footage out of my camera and onto my mac, i guess now i need a fire wire, whatever that is, hehe. i only have 2 days left but hopefully i will make to deadline!!

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I still wanna make a Summer video but I need a couple weeks to get some footy together! (videographer lingo for "footage") Will you be accepting late vids? (short for video).

Megan Marie said...

Laura, you are so cool.

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