hello again, friend of a friend

I think this photo does a pretty good job of filling you in on the last year of my life. Seriously thick Miss Lippy-esque bangs, chipped fingernails, dead eyes...our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

I went back to school for a while but the only thing I can tell I do better now is type without looking at my fingers. And before you get all typing snob on me, please understand that my keyboard stage fright began in 3rd grade with the pressure of all my classmates already playing Oregon Trail when I was still only half way through my home row exercises. Also I was one of the last years in high school that still strictly used tangible BOOKS for research paper bibliography. It was a different time. A more innocent time. A time before 5th graders sexted their boyfriends.

But I made you a video! Cause everyone likes a good drug flick. An added bonus is that you get to hear my voice voice instead of just my brain voice. I can't tell if it's sounds normal here or if its just my judgmental landlord voice (that wont make sense until you watch it) So many layers to my many (adorable) voices! 

team Boo 's you
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