boo is growing up...

our life...made of tiny moments . Some we love...some make us ache, but they are ours. Here's to growing old together !
*to the many curious people we love...we are slow to grow in "numbers" , but are growing up nevertheless ;)


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"my biggest regret of motherhood is not being able to slap people"

This morning after Elyott was already at school, my husband found that she'd carved her name into the paint of our new car. She has been meaning to give it a name, but i never thought she'd make it so official.

Kids can be such turds.

While this sort of this does not set me off (i'm not really that into cars).....i know it can't go without consequence. So, Elyott chose her own punishment after getting time to mull it over (an effective tactic used frequently in my husband's childhood, thanks Jeanine!)...she chose no computer for a month! i thought that was very big of her (hopefully she understands what a month truly is).  She even said to me a couple weeks into it "i just wish i had made a better choice mom." 

...thats right sucker

JK i love you ;)


motherhood one-upmanship...

...home of amazing graphic design, custom invitations and announcements. It just so happens that its creator is my beautiful sister Stephanie, whose latest project was announcments for her very own {very first} baby girl.  

If you can imagine it came in a homemade kraft envelope and is the size of a business card. Gromits attach each section that accordions out into what i have scanned below. I hate that its full adorableness can't be showcased properly, but i trust that you will believe me when i say it is the cutest baby announcement i've seen in a long time...maybe ever.

When I see this sweet creation, my eyes burn with shame for my lack of effort when my babies entered into this world {I didn't even get the cheap costco kind}. A fact that is only marginally less tragic than the wedding announcements Adam and i used for our big day. Seriously anyone could have eaten some paper and crapped better ones than i sent. but whatev.

*Say sweet...say adorable....SayRED

© team boo


thanks urban O.

Introducing my two new "baby steps" toward a brighter home ... stop, the hardware store.
{which the thought of makes my palms sweaty}
Have a sweet sweet weekend!


Date with the night.

On the way home from the daddy daughter Suns game, as usual in the car, the daddy was griping about the traffic when Elyott politely put him in his place {as only a sweet 6 year old can}...

E: Dad, I bet you wish you were King of the world, huh?

H.B.: {laughing} yeah, i guess.

E: well, there's already a King of the world...
...but he lives in heaven, crazy!


casey O'Connell

It turns out I love color {and from my adolecent years of a insufferably large chest, have bad posture...for I distinctly remember my sister laughing at me running on a treadmill noting my "neanderthal" slouch}  So it is no surprise that i love this artist....

all art by Casey O'Connell 
*Doesn't it make you want to paint??
...and also stand up straight ;)



Like any special gathering, it seems the adults take it upon themselves to prepare food as if there were no tomorrow.  Our Easter festivities were no exception.  Baked Brie, Ribs, Sweet rolls, Lemon meringue pie, and much more.  It was amazing.  And i went to bed with a massive stomach ache.

Adam told me i looked like i felt "miserable" in this picture.  Perhaps it was the gorgefest, but actually i was having a great easter sunday.  Thanks anyway for your honesty my dear.

Crazy eyes and hefty new nieces are so awesome and sweet. 

It was all i could do to keep Sheamus from sporting his new Iron man costume in church.  Elyott smuggled her new sticky hand toy into sunday school and slapped someone on the back of the head.  Perhaps next year we will wait until after church to open our easter baskets ;)


super sucker

I have not taken any new pictures in soooo long.  But i am working on a short video of my secret taping of Elyott and my nephew interpretive window dancing, which should be a doozie.  Also i made strawberry jam today cause i'm all domestic like that. 
 Just for fun, check out this charming work of art.  Oh how I wish i were an would be so much more lovely.  Think of all the superheros and magical fairies i could draw to entertain my kids in church! Elyott got all annoyed with me a few weeks ago cause i made Tinkerbell look "mean"...but I told her even characters have bad days too you know...just look at this guy:
*I think they are getting sick of my origami folded square.  I need some new folding least until my kids can play M.A.S.H.


forget me not

...while i doubt God has on old english accent ;) this sweet note reminded me of something i heard that encouraged me recently:
"Indulgent situations that do not include the Lord, are fleeting, and will not provide lasting joy"


sweet dreams are made of these...

I am gearing up to revamp my kids room, since we will be spending A LOT more time indoors reeeeally soon. Here are a few spaces that have inspired me lately:

{who, might i add, has the most charming home.}

...and the late domino mag :(


sweet cheeks.

you know those *babies who are so squishy and cute you could just "eat" them?

*i think this one brings a whole new layer to that expression.


dream on.

i'm always on the prowl for a great new bedtime story.  this one is de-lightful! 
read it here.
If you are a dreamer, come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!
—Shel Silverstein 
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