super sucker

I have not taken any new pictures in soooo long.  But i am working on a short video of my secret taping of Elyott and my nephew interpretive window dancing, which should be a doozie.  Also i made strawberry jam today cause i'm all domestic like that. 
 Just for fun, check out this charming work of art.  Oh how I wish i were an would be so much more lovely.  Think of all the superheros and magical fairies i could draw to entertain my kids in church! Elyott got all annoyed with me a few weeks ago cause i made Tinkerbell look "mean"...but I told her even characters have bad days too you know...just look at this guy:
*I think they are getting sick of my origami folded square.  I need some new folding least until my kids can play M.A.S.H.

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Summer said...

Toast for breakfast, toast for lunch, toast for dinner. We Looooved your jam. Not even bothered by the wall smears,sticky faces, globbed up jammies, and surprise drips beneath my bare feet. So delicous.
I am waiting patiently for your homemade whole wheat bread?

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