"you never SEEM to amaze me" (bert)

today sheamus pooped on the driveway. 

and based on the unwritten rule that each blog address is allowed only one poop picture EVER, i'll spare you the visual (you can imagine looked like...poop. on a driveway.)

just wanted to document how awesome it is to have little kids :)"



Like any 1st impression, an entrance to a home speaks a thousand words...  

For example, walking into MY house one might fear that they are being lured into a dungeon, soon to be forced into applying lotion on hourly intervals.  

Okay so it's not that bad.

Thankfully i have no interest in wearing anyone else's skin...but still, it's sooo DARK   

I dream, literally daily, of knocking down walls and painting everything white! My husband thinks i'm crazy. {*Perhaps i should have him watch Silence of the Lambs again to put his idea of "crazy" into perspective} 

I just want mine to feel bright and inviting, like these... 

{images found in Domino mag}

looooove this door...
This sweet vinyl massage can be found here on etsy. 

...and, do come in.


do it in style.

Growing up, i was a bit of a tomboy.

Now i am rather feminine.

I still play rough in soccer, but i do like myself a fresh tube of MAC lipstick (chili) every now and again

{photo by Rachael Earl} 

...and pretty things like this:

But sometimes i have to check myself.  Like today....when i heard a lesson on "weakness"....vanity was listed as one of them. Perhaps i think too much about getting dolled up, and not enough about important things?? For instance: 

-learning how to sew so i can make all the jazz needed for the humanitarian efforts of my church
-playing soccer with my munchkins.
-"Skype-ing" my homesick mother in law on her mission so she can see those same munchkins.
-writing in my journal (blog?)
-making dinner for a neighbor who needs it...or even just for us, ha.

Whether i am a tomboy or a beauty queen {i am neither}, there is always someone who needs some extra love 

*Also, that way my cutoff shorts wont feel left out. Everybody wins!


what a shame.

I bought (and restored) these vintage stools in hopes to modernize my lifeless kitchen....only to discover that my kids want nothing else but to destroy them.   You see, they swivel.  If they had their way they would sacrifice the stools, the counter top and their heads all in the name of dizzying fun.  Therefore, sadly, I must sell* them.  Based on my experience they would be best suited to a home without kids under 5.  I am listing them on the AZ Craigs list but thought I'd throw them on here too. you never know...
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


you can create!

This video is so inspiring and eloquently put.  Some of you may have seen before, but the beautiful message never gets old. If you cannot see the video, the message is down below for you to read.  I love it :)
"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul...
No matter our talents, education, backgrounds or abilities, we each have and inherent wish to create something that did not exist before. 
Everyone can create. 
You don't need money, position or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty. You might say "I'm not the creative type." If that is how you feel...Think again....and remember that you are  spirit daughters of the most creative being in the universe. Isn't it remarkable to think that your very spirits are fashioned by and endlessly creative and eternally compassionate God?
Think about it. 
Your spirit body is a masterpiece created with the beauty, function and capacity beyond imagination.  The more you trust and rely upon the spirit, the greater your capacity to create."
{creation is your opportunity in this life...and in the life to come
start small.
creativity does not require a brush a pen or the keys of a piano.
don't let the voice of critics paralyze you.
you will make the world a better place.


Egg Press

Isn't this sweet? I hate not being able to justify buying cute things like stationary.  They are so pretty, and they make people smile.  Why can't it be practical to buy a $6 letterpress cutout of a "couple in love" for your lover to put on his desk so he knows you're thinking about him {and also your not wearing any pants}...Perhaps i will make one instead?? *Find it, and many other sweet notes, for the people you're thinking of, here .


you're a star!

So many of us are the start-on-Monday-with-a-killer-work-out-and-an-all-day-menu-of-raw-veggies type. I've seen it a thousand times, i've done it a thousand times.  {i promise it's only coincidence that this is a monday posting} Anyway, it's stupid.  For one, this plan awakens the devil insanity inside of me....then, come day three, I'm on a girl scout cookie bender in one giant porkfest. 
Since this is my year of simplification, why can't I make healthy living easy...and actually attainable.  I CAN! Enter: "the 5 star system" So seeeemple, I love it.  Forget perfect eating...forget tracking calories per workout.  Just do some of it, any of it. Aim for as many stars per day you can, and watch little steps morph into good habits. Stretching, sleeping, and being positive are just as important to being healthy. Baby steps folks. think baby steps.
{As seen in Self magazine's March 2009 issue}
Cause we'd all love to be cankle-free and have an "'A' that won't quit" but mostly we want to feel happy and strong with the bodies we are so blessed to have...cheesy yes, but so true.  And we want to be good examples for our kids. But we don't need to be the hottest mom in book club...we just don't.


play nice.

These two are in l♥♥ve. 
{for now anyway}

Let's all love a little more this weekend, shall we?

i love him...

wait, no this guy.

{but that other guy rocks too}


home sweet home.

I just finished reading a book that took me deep into dreamy thoughts of Spring... gelato. porch swings. cut off jeans. fresh crusty bread w/brie for dinner under the stars. newly popped blossoms of an apricot tree. popsicle stained tummies. willowy streets. bare feet. pink lemonade. gardening while kids play in the sprinklers. i could go on and on.

Does this place exist? {other than California} We're back from our trip, and i am loving being home, but soon...all too soon, we will be forced into the less sweaty confines of our basement home. If only this enjoyment would last me through the cruel AZ summer...for I'll be back to my disenchanted thoughts in no time ;)

enjoy a few of our spring memories...

**For now I will relish in the delicious feelings of spring.



It's a sweet little girl!!
{Despite Steph's insatiable cravings for meat}

Jemma Adelaide Kubal
8lbs 8 oz
BROWN hair!
I still have not met this little munchkin as i am still at a family reunion in Texas, but i can't wait to get home! Congratulations Chris and sister!!!!


mommy dearest

Aren't these precious? I love them...and if I were really rich and fancy I'd buy them for Elyott and force her to wear them and probably threaten her with wire hangers if I ever found them on the floor, and then she'd be all "I love you mommy dearest" but i'd just keep shaking Comet cleaner all over the room. Lucky for her she is not as into dress up as she used to be, and I'm not rich or fancy....or Joan Crawford. They can be found here ...but don't act all like you're going to buy them cause they're like $200 {each!}.  Just for looks, and creepy fantasies...



Success! However the 10 minutes I had to get ready, with my dirty hat hair, resulted in me looking disturbingly like a giant baby! 

{oopsies }

I have a little love/hate with party planning...meaning I dread every minute until the actual day of setup (when adrenaline finally takes over). But of all mothers, there are few as deserving as Steph, due to the countless hours she's logged putting on parties for everyone else (she is the master of all party planners). 

Shout outs to Summer and Bert for being such willing helpers, and of course my sister Lisa who Co-planned and cleaned everything! {with her 3 monkeys in tow....making her the hero of the day in my book}  

Steph is going to make an amazing that my kids already covet as their own in fact! And hooray for new babies that i don't have to give birth to...can't wait to meet you baby!!!


baby mama

Well, actually you weren't...but some people who know Steph were. So i've been busy getting things ready.  Yes, my big seester {no pun intended} has finally jumped on the "baby train" and I am in delicate charge of her getting stuff for it (by way of baby shower ;)  All at the mercy of changing hormones and food cravings, doing my best to satisfy this beautiful guest of honor (and her mystery gendered baby):
I will post pictures as soon as i get a chance...have a beautiful weekend!


how to make an Andy Pants.

{click to enlarge}
This post really only means something if you know this family ...but for everyone else, enjoy the uncanny resemblance of my nephew to my generations high school heartthrob and a character by my favorite SNL star.

*He might shoot you in the foot...but at least he'll be dreeeamy.
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