do it in style.

Growing up, i was a bit of a tomboy.

Now i am rather feminine.

I still play rough in soccer, but i do like myself a fresh tube of MAC lipstick (chili) every now and again

{photo by Rachael Earl} 

...and pretty things like this:

But sometimes i have to check myself.  Like today....when i heard a lesson on "weakness"....vanity was listed as one of them. Perhaps i think too much about getting dolled up, and not enough about important things?? For instance: 

-learning how to sew so i can make all the jazz needed for the humanitarian efforts of my church
-playing soccer with my munchkins.
-"Skype-ing" my homesick mother in law on her mission so she can see those same munchkins.
-writing in my journal (blog?)
-making dinner for a neighbor who needs it...or even just for us, ha.

Whether i am a tomboy or a beauty queen {i am neither}, there is always someone who needs some extra love 

*Also, that way my cutoff shorts wont feel left out. Everybody wins!

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Estee Cook said...

this is lovely! you are lovely!

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