Like any 1st impression, an entrance to a home speaks a thousand words...  

For example, walking into MY house one might fear that they are being lured into a dungeon, soon to be forced into applying lotion on hourly intervals.  

Okay so it's not that bad.

Thankfully i have no interest in wearing anyone else's skin...but still, it's sooo DARK   

I dream, literally daily, of knocking down walls and painting everything white! My husband thinks i'm crazy. {*Perhaps i should have him watch Silence of the Lambs again to put his idea of "crazy" into perspective} 

I just want mine to feel bright and inviting, like these... 

{images found in Domino mag}

looooove this door...
This sweet vinyl massage can be found here on etsy. 

...and, do come in.

1 comment:

Amanda Bowen said...

if i could get out of this house i would come over and love your dark home. but since i can't i understand the need to be bright. my kitchen is lime green!!! ahaha but no wearing my skin please.

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