"you never SEEM to amaze me" (bert)

today sheamus pooped on the driveway. 

and based on the unwritten rule that each blog address is allowed only one poop picture EVER, i'll spare you the visual (you can imagine looked like...poop. on a driveway.)

just wanted to document how awesome it is to have little kids :)"


ArizonaLewis said...

cute photos. and no thanks for the amazing blogs listed on the right of your page. i've lost 2 hours cruising through only 4 of the sites, i feel a little under accomplished and i'm bursting with untapped inspiration that i won't be able to unleash until my babies are potty or driveway trained.
damn you.
ps- i've never been more flattered to be on someone's list.
pps- namaste

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Oddly enough it's stories like this that make me want to rear children. Who gets away with pooping on or in their own living quarters? Kids! Their great.

Chandra said...

I told Jason about this on my way to the doctor's this morning and he totally cracked up and wanted to know how to get to your blog. I told him just to go to your FB and their was a linky on there.

Why is it that at the mention of poop that guys all of sudden interested? haha

Amanda Bowen said...

totally understand... ty pooped in the backyard with the dogs today. he goes "look mom mine is smaller."

Eric and Addie said...

just wanted to stop and say howdy.
i am addicted to your blog.
i love it and check it a lot!!!

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