for British eyes only...


1. an act or instance of choosing; selection

2. the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option: {Her choice to shower was made in deep regret that her husband had such a scuzzbag of a wife. The child's parents were not happy when he chose to poop on the basement floor.}

And so began my day of big decisions.  I chose to be clean by way of a shower, only to be covered in the feeling of that the poo smell has absorbed into my hand skin {even after the smell was vigorously scrubbed and gone}.  I chose to begin potty training my kid despite my major defeat with child #1.  This morning I chose a healthy breakfast instead of the traditional {and amazingly satisfying} Marshmellow Maties.  I chose to drive my daughter to school shoe and bra-less {even after forgetting that my car was parked down the my street due to overnight road repairs} because otherwise she would have been late, and I'm a good mom like that ;)  I chose to skip the gym today, because on day 1 {yesterday} of my body cleanse i got so low on blood sugar after my workout that, were it not for the emergency {and very un-cleanse worthy} hot pastrami and swiss from Schlotskys, i'd have passed out and veered into oncoming traffic. Also today I am choosing to vote, here's why....

a. i have never voted before 

b. i am blessed with a god that gives me the right to choose and a country who lets me do so.  

c. i needed an official reason to wash my hair.

**Show confidence in what you decide {for example...I am proud that i smell like soap instead of pastrami.  Try it}  And for heavens sakes, go vote!

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