so when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong.

wanna hear something 75% hillarious, but 100% pathetic? after i posted about my glorious teamBoo pillow giveaway. you know the one. the one that isn't perfect but is free and awesome? the one where all you have to do is comment that you are already a teamBoo follower (cause i have eyeballs and i know you're there) and you are in the running? 

i'll tell you what happened....i LOST two followers.

I realize the heart is a little big and the talking part looks a wee bit like a clam foot, but seriously are you guys allergic to free stuff? Are you afraid that since i always tell you how scummy i am, there will be boogers on it or something?? Do you not like LOVE?!? this is about encouraging me to keep sewing guys. sheesh ;)

Then Sheamus pooped in the bath. you know, the kind that breaks into a bajillion pieces but that are still too big to go down the drain. Adam played the "sensitive gag reflex" card (said in a dopey voice that he'd claim he sounds nothing like), and i cleaned it up solo.

BUT its cool cause then Elyott (who BTW came home from school today in a thrifted full unicorn costume that my sister surprised her with during carpool...amazing) reminded me that, amongst all her very precocious verbal skills, she still refers to the Falcon (her school mascot) as a "Phallic-on"

...that always makes me giggle. i'm basically a ten year old boy inside.

team boo 's you

team building. {closed}

 "walking a thousand miles always begins with one step" 
(im so bad at remembering quotes or funny lines in movies, just ask Adam. he knows cause he watches me crash and burn all the time when i'm trying to tell a funny story, and then he saves me because he remembers EVERYTHING. except to throw his trash away) Anyway, this got me thinking instead of wishing i had a USB port in my head to download skillz, i actually have to start them...and be bad at it for a little while. I hate this cause I am SO lazy when i'm not good at something right away.  Remember i'm a half doer.

But persistence pays my friends. And i know, for me, having a tangible thing at the end makes me much more likely to follow through. For instance, I was never a runner before my adult life. I played sports, but never ran more than a mile. Then i signed up for a full marathon on a whim, and three months later I did it. I was a real bona-fide runner, with good shoes and running shorts and everything (instead of ugly pajamas shorts or something) And almost 4 years later i am still at it, the only difference is now i look forward to running instead of wanting to set the gym on fire every time i think of going.  See?...persistance guys. powerful stuff.

Which brings me to this: I'd like to be better at sewing. Not like start-my-own-craft-blog-and-give-all-my-stuff-away kind of sewer, but the kind where i think of something and it won't take me 3 years of it sitting on my living room coffee table before I look up how to sew a hidden zipper. So I went and bought some supplies with the idea in mind that i would give the fruits of my labor away as my "tangible end".  The project is relevant, but not so hard that I will throw up a little in my throat when I give it away. Behold the teamBoo pillow (angelic music plays):

...and here is where I bribe you: It is here for the taking! It's not a masterpiece, but it is freeee. To enter to win this bad boy you can do at least one of the following:
1. post my button (its in my sidebar) to your blog page and leave me a comment with a link to your page professing your blog love.
2. Join the team! become a follower and shout it from the ROOFTOPS!!...or, you can just tell me about it in a comment.
3. Post about the contest on your blog. Then leave a comment adding a link to your post.
Just in case you fell asleep a few paragraphs ago, thats 3 possible entries folks. (you'd think this pillow were stuffed with diamonds or something...don't get carried away)

If you are already have one or all of these things in your cyber life then just leave me a comment telling me so. Eeets so simple! Giveaway ends Friday September 10th.

Thanks for not losing respect for me for trying to force you to be my friend. It is the only logical way to do a giveaway though, is it not? This way I am taking the steps to hone in on my craftiness, and the secrets that you keep...when you're talking in your sleep will be about LOVE (what's cuter than that? nothing.) win: win.

team boo 's you


nine lives.

(okay just nine of my faces. nine lives just sounded cooler)

Yesterday I got ready for church with the help of Reagan from Hairdresser on Fire tutorial. She's cute and so very charming. I can use a little charm in my life. (although my bangs look a little '90's here, they were supposed to look old fashioned, whatevs.) So while i nursed sonny in the mothers lounge (does your church have that? they are the best. that way you can nourish your baby and skip the boring parts, guilt free ;) anyway, i took these pictures with my new incredibooth app.  Three posts in a row with pictures of me? See how much i love myself now?!? (that was a joke. i just got ready. for once.) now i'm all up in your business. suck it self consciousness.

So how about a little weekly high/low to keep ourselves in check?

Today i literally licked my taco plate clean. tongue to plastic. In my defense it had yummy homemade salsa on it and I had just run 6 miles. but still, I think we can easily count that as this weeks low. you think?

This weeks high point? why thanks for asking...sunday breakfast dinner when i was so hillarious that Elyott peed laughing. (actually i'm not really that funny. she pees all the time. it was still awesome though.)

team boo 's you


today is not a dress is your life.

(i am trying to be better about inserting myself into my life exploitation/blog...I'm pretty uncomfortable posting pictures of myself. It makes me feel vain. or like you'd imagine i was all "ooh this is an awesome picture of me" and you'd be all "meh" But seriously there aren't many days when i am not a total dirty slob, so its slim pickin's. This one is in disneyland on the POTC ride. The first two sheamus smiled and i looked like a tranny. The third I looked fine but sheamus's "cheese" face was lacking enthusiasm. But guess what? I am the teamBoo captain so MY normal picture wins. booyah) 

moving on to less lame tangents....

Today sheamus talked to the garbage can. Actually he does this on occasion. "hang on" he said "I'll get your other tooth soon.....My food (garbage) is your candy, huh"

Today Elyott had the "BEST day EVER!" She had the same snack at school as her friend Hope. I love this.

Today Sonny pooped on my lap.

Today Adams crustache was off the hook. He went to the gym with it unshaved, and a cutoff t-shirt with his own face printed on the front. Hows that for confidence!?

Today i realized I could "fit" into an pre-pregnancy pair of pants. Translation: it fit over my butt without giving me a giant camel toe. (...buuuuut I still have to tie the top button with a hair thing).
Almost. almost.

What happended in your "today"?

team boo 's you


i got soul but i'm not a soldier.

how i cherish the one on one time i get while nursing this kid. We gaze into eachothers' eyes, i give his curly hair a twirl in my finger, he flips my bottom lip repeatedly with his tiny fingers. I call him my baby bird, his sweet little lips curl into a coy smile...and then...
he craps. 

...the loudest, wettest GOAT smelling diaper I can imagine. I start to panic that it is leaking all over my lap (like the time in Outback with Elyott), I quickly unsnap his onesie and call for reinforcements: a paper towel, burp rag ANYTHING to put under him. One of my kids come running to help (bless their little potty trained hearts) I place the barrier between his bum and my only pair of pants that fit me right now ("what will i wear tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day??") then both Sonny and I breathe a sigh of relief. He eats a little more and finishes off with a jaw clamp and back arch with my poor nip in tow. 

Ah precious moments.

team boo 's you

(*side note: next morning he totally duked me all over my running shorts two milliseconds before i left to the gym. That'll teach me to blob about narrow poop escapes.)


munchkin land

this really doesn't do Sonny's "lollipop guild" hair justice, but you get the idea....

(see other defenseless baby shots like this here here here and here.)

team boo 's you


happy working song.

"elyott, if you get your backpack, you can put it on my 'mustache hooker'" (sheamus)
Everyone should have some good music while they work, here are a few songs that kept me going this weekend...

team boo 's you


wish-y wash-y

-I wish my body would dance as awesome it does in my brain.
-I wish tina fey and i were best friends.
-i wish i were an expert seamstress
-I wish my default outfit didn't include cutoff maternity pants.
-I wish I didn't have a worthless memory.
-I wish i were allergic to Adam's ridiculous milkshakes he makes almost nightly before bed

-i wish it were cute when I drooled (see above)

team boo 's you
(and baby's Tarzan toes)


i am a bike...thief.

inspired by freezepop

team boo 's you


guess what??

We had a baby! you already knew that (front)
Make believe this isn't being mailed 6 months late, and be excited for the first baby announcement I have ever made*(third times a charm?)
Happy 6th month baby.
we love you sonny bear!!
Some sweet sonny facts:
*almost everytime you pick him up, he farts. He's basically a squeaky toy/whoopie cushion...a squoopie??
*he literally smiles at everything (ie. if i were to pick his nose mid sleep, he'd open his eyes, flash a gummy smile and then continue on with his dream of a mother who didn't like to pick things)
*he has curly flyaway "whoville" hair that gets little dingle berries. Each time I have to cut one out, I'm pretty sure a fairy falls from the sky.
team boo 's you *(and sayRED for all your help)


freak show.


my strong love for vintage circus art
the most awesome (and cooperative) baby ever
as heather would say...

team boo 's you


the 90's called...and it wants its groove back.

Today, being the first day of the new school year, I walked around aimlessly from room to room checking different clocks to ensure i didn't lose track of when to pick my kids up. By 3 o'clock I realized that not only did I get nothing substantial accomplished, but I wore a *mickey mouse t-shirt. ALL DAY. To me this is less about fashion a faux-pa and more just a crime against my basic life principles (and I DO mean all disrespect to any other "character" clothing on adults). I practically won't even let my kids wear a mickey mouse t-shirt (unless were IN Disneyland) Which brings me to a few burning questions for myself:
-first of all, why do i even own a mickey mouse shirt!?
-second, why is it on my body?
-and third, why haven't i set it on fire yet????
My misguided sense of myself these days, I fear, is making even those around me sad. I need to re-group...find my rhythm, and get a hold of myself...or I may run straight into the embrace of an argyle sweater vest and make nothing but hamburger helper for dinner. No wonder I've been in such a bad mood :/
*(Not to mention i both picked up and dropped both kids at their schools wearing this)
team boo 's you (and other bloggers like Renee because she always knows just how to say it...and then make me feel all better :)

this train don't stop.

So I know I talk tough here and there, but I must admit i am a wee bit achy to send these little munchkins to school. Just a reminder that i can't slow life down.

(figurative group hug?)

I am really trying hard to let Elyott own her independence and not manipulate "persuade" her to wear things that I think are cute....but did i really let elyott go to school looking like such a raggamuffin??

team boo 's you



This is me tomorrow at about 8:45 ;)
(school starts)

these kids are so amazing:

don't you wish life was always this carefree?

No pants...just dancing.

team boo's you


"sonny" side up

Ever see a baby SO cute you could just eat 'em?
here's mine...

team boo 's you


rub a dub dub...

...a Sonny in a tub.

{inspiration here}

team boo 's you
[and defenseless babies]


adaptation (minus nicolas cage)

When I was about Elyott's age our family's video camera was the hot (not to mention giant) ticket. My sisters and i would record commercials and skits for hours on end. As Elyott recently watched one of those our old/super low tech movies (inspired by the cutting edge visual effects by Evie from the show "Out of this world"), she got it in her head that she too was destined for the small screen. So without further ado, here is Elyott's 7 year old directorial and acting debut...
(All audio and visual effects also chosen by Elyott)

I know i am biased...but Elyott, you are ridiculously awesome. 
(I'm so lucky to be your momma)

p.s. I may have been a teenage mother, but I promise to never force you to be a child actor. 

team boo 's you


global warning.

Snowglobes: the most whimsical yet frustrating souvenir trick.
they are glass
you can't play with them
they are the biggest/weirdest mess when they break
they are a cheesy eyesore
kids always want them.

So instead of spending 15 dollars a pop on some nerdy teddy bear santa clause, we made our own. Free, custom, plastic (for the kids who manage to fall about every fifth step: sheamus) and come apart when the kids want their beloved McDonalds toy back.  
EETS parfect!

Your move hallmark.

team boo's you
(but not snowglobes)

team boo loves old stuff...

I posted a few vintage items in my etsy shop....(clickity click)

team boo 's you
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