nine lives.

(okay just nine of my faces. nine lives just sounded cooler)

Yesterday I got ready for church with the help of Reagan from Hairdresser on Fire tutorial. She's cute and so very charming. I can use a little charm in my life. (although my bangs look a little '90's here, they were supposed to look old fashioned, whatevs.) So while i nursed sonny in the mothers lounge (does your church have that? they are the best. that way you can nourish your baby and skip the boring parts, guilt free ;) anyway, i took these pictures with my new incredibooth app.  Three posts in a row with pictures of me? See how much i love myself now?!? (that was a joke. i just got ready. for once.) now i'm all up in your business. suck it self consciousness.

So how about a little weekly high/low to keep ourselves in check?

Today i literally licked my taco plate clean. tongue to plastic. In my defense it had yummy homemade salsa on it and I had just run 6 miles. but still, I think we can easily count that as this weeks low. you think?

This weeks high point? why thanks for asking...sunday breakfast dinner when i was so hillarious that Elyott peed laughing. (actually i'm not really that funny. she pees all the time. it was still awesome though.)

team boo 's you


Dawn said...

yesterday i had to find a classroom and hope that some awkward deacon didn't come storming while i nursed... because we have tons of nursing babies and one mothers lounge with two seats.

Carrie Leanne said...

oh MAN I have Reagan's 50s hair tutorial book marked as well! I keep begging my friend to have an old fashioned Fake Hair Salon night so we can try it out! If I do...I too shall post. I think ya look good, dear.

Taylor K said...

Dude. Your hair looks SO cute! Love her blog. And yours, naturally.

ArizonaLewis said...

so glad we have church every week.
gives us an excuse to go ALL out.
i'll see your pin up hair and red lips and raise you a size too small pencil skirt and porno height platforms.
you're too fierce.

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