TeamBoo (the humans) have been really working hard and having fun-ish. And by 'fun-ish' I mean it has been like a slow laser hair removal having my house torn up during the holidays. Basically the soul-sucking worst. Instagram has been my surrogate connection to my blog friends (many of whom don't blog much anymore either) But I do miss this outlet. It is an inspiring platform that I truly hope to reengage.

Until I am back in the blog saddle (I don't pretend I am going to change all of my unhealthy natural instincts/make ANY official resolutions until February) you can see what we've been up to on instagram if you so desire. You can find us at, wait for it.....
Just incase you want visuals on sonny's awesome hair or an occasional picture of me making a stupid face. It's not private so don't be weirdos and make me regret it (aka: please don't go there if you can't stand me :) I promise I don't take pictures of my healthy meals or my feet.

team Boo 's you
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