meet the team...

carolyn: loves running her heart out. pulling weeds. making fun of herself. wearing cutoffs. good design. getting dressed up. COLOR! a really good dancer in her head. momma to 3. adam's wife. freakishly high pain tolerance. always looking for the part that's funny.

adam: loves sports. frozen pizza and nacho cheese. hoarding t-shirts. makes the best forts and water slides. a natural troubleshooter. a domestic champion. gags at everything. sings off key. "cute, funny and tall."

elyott: loves to create. dance. read. telling jokes. wearing tennis shoes. eating "bumpy chicken". wants to learn how to do everything! makes conversation with everyone. nurturing and affectionate. hates mashed potatoes. hopes to play the flute and piano.

sheamus: lives in costume. loves to laugh. legos. cheese squares. candy. being bananas (aka 5). being a big brother. having a clean room. falls a lot. worries about momma and sonny being safe. doesn't like to draw. loves to cuddle up.

sonny: loves playing "where is sonny?". any screen that has moving pictures. has crazy hair. smiles at everything. has shark colored eyes. doesn't put things in his mouth (?). won't fall asleep while being held. has a giant left ear and feet.

it's nice to meet you.
...we are team b!

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