painting the roses red...

....and doors blue.
[from dusty purple]
which i did last week:

ah new beginnings.
fresh paint and fresh starts.
Like me here with you. again. finally. and some new faces even! guys sure make it easy to suck at documenting my life ;]

like how Sheamus calls the suction end of his coveted happy face toothbrush "f*%ktion cups"
[shocking from such a sweet like munchkin voice just minding his own bidness in la la land]

fake girl scouts with my sweet Elyott who cant commit to anything I officially sign her up for to save her life. Instead we sew our own brown sashes and tell regular girl scouts to suck it.
[except not when it's cookie season ]

adopting out my stray molester cat and her kittens.
sweet. but still cats. no way around that.

My magical sisterhood-of-the-traveling-miracle-pants that are finally starting to wear away at the butt....which is super annoying cause mama's not ready to buy new "fat pants"

and of course lil cub and his smiles.
[still his only trick, other than his squealing's uncanny likeness to a baby piglet]

If you have felt abandoned by me, i hope you have found your way in cyberspace here .
...a blog truly deserving of your readership.
If not, you should "go to there" as she is about the sweetest girl I can imagine. 

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is....
Megan.....will you go to prom with me??
or just be my mom?
you choose.

yes, my door may now be blue [cause purple is for cat ladies]....but you are still just as welcome.

team boo 's you

*p.s. thanks for being my new scrabble friends ;)


one trick pony.

dear fellow new mother bloggers-

What the crap??

how are u still blogging?!?
let alone crafting, working, filling your other children with happiness?

maybe i'm just rusty at this new baby business, but wow.
living life one handed is tricky
[notice the lack of extra hand for shift button :]
i do, however, have lots of nursing downtime when i play one handed scrabble on my iphone.
sooooo......wanna be scrabble friends instead?
I'm teamBoo on the Words with friends app.
[i might kick your trash though...just sayin' ;]

also we have been basically living outside.
[my sister said it best]
wishing i could be posting more about this precious whirlwind that is this time in my life...

love me still.

team boo 's you
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