cheesy does it.

  • To the pitiful Spencer on MTV's the Hills that we love to hate: connected.
  • The drive through attendant that gave you grief when you tried to switch your kids french fries for apple dippers: connected.
  • The controlling sister in law that corners and interrogates you about a mysterious rotisserie chicken: connected.
  • The scary guy with red freckles and a hoodie at the stop light yelling at guessed it: connected.
After hearing a lesson on "charity"... I realized that we all can {and should} be a part of as many lives as we can. Even when we feel we have nothing to give or when life is spanking our faces and we think we have no spare time. If we change our thoughts of good intent into action, it is amazing how many things that clutter our minds can be eliminated. Even though we are giving our time or support to someone in need, we can find that we are not living for someone else's life rather we are living our life and gaining experiences and friendship, but in the service of others.
I am always amazed at the similarities of people.  We all have met someone who reminds us of someone else.  Despite our best efforts to set ourselves apart, we are all made of the same stuff. One positive from my twisted love affair with blogging is that I can connect with people I might have never met otherwise. The downside is when we publicly share pieces of ourselves, we also give fuel to the stalkers that like to make it a competition...ew.  The "mommy vortex" bums me know, all the hideous competitions we women create just so we can judge each other. In the end, we're all searching for the same thing: and that is to not only be connected, but to feel like someone connects with us. So sack up hoes and just be nice ;)

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." 

**need a reminder to be nice?? perhaps in the form of sweet art?? check it.
you can find these here and here .

(did you make it through?? please excuse for the cheese-fest)


make some noise.

I already know that 2009 has wonderful things in store for see Metric is releasing their long awaited 4th album and I know it will be absolute magic! 
Emily and i are tight cause, you know, she sweat on my phone this i figure it's only natural that I give her a shout out {since were such good friends and all}. 
...just a snippet of what's to come.
So when this album drops, i highly recommend its download. It might even change your life?? Also you'd be supporting this amazing band {Metric}which will encourage them to keep putting out music, and that way everyone is a winner! {and by everyone I mean me}


sucker punched.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house 
not a surface was tidy, not even my couch.
The family was bundled by the bonfire together
With sparklers and stories, new blankets, cold weather
The mommy was done with her presents to wrap
 'til grandma came in dumping more on her lap :)
And when all the tradition and preparations were through, 
we left out some cookies and a little milk too.
The excited children fell right to sleep 
it seemed mommy and daddy had just started counting sheep 
when right at my bedside, though the morn was still dark, 
appeared a sweet girl who insisted we start.
Santa clause had brought "an unbelievable surprise!" 
and thus began Christmas, but though a child's eyes.

Elyott got big girl fingernails from Grandma, and Sheamus got 2 more reasons to punch unsuspecting family members in the face. 

Yes our Christmas was very merry {and very messy}...and now I'm ready to reclaim my house ;) 2009...


the polar express.

2 days until Christmas music stops...hooray ;)


team Europe.

In a time of life where I considered tatoos sensible, I might have an arm just like this one {minus any disney art}. But it doesn't stop this young French singer from being any less adorable...

(please note the cutoff jean shorts in the video. booyah!! )

These swedish sisters known as First Aid Kit are also a treat. Enjoy their cover of a song by Fleet foxes...


fa la la la la.

(inspired by one of my favorite bloggers) here's a christmas shorty for you...

xmas fast forward from team boo on Vimeo.

Hap-py H-li-day.


feels like: dreamy

a. These pictures make me happy. 
b. This is an Ikea fabric inspired project. 
c. I want this bed spread.
d. Props on the politically correct use of multi-racial child models.


Birthdays are for lovers.

Today is my husband's birthday.

this is him after i missed a photo op and made him act all nonchalant so i could take it again.  Still normal and particularly adorable...

On the other hand, well...this is what happens when people try and take candid pictures of me...

meet Drunkface Mcgee: 

It's true: I have the ugliest "in-between" faces. So my thanks to you Adam for being so cute and tall, making up for my lackluster face {and scary bunion feet}...this gives our children a fighting chance ;)
Happy Birthday, old-y.

I looove you 


i like it

Personal finance is like a beautiful bird, when you least expect craps in your face.

Had I not been ambushed by said "bird" like 43 times this year, I would have gone hog wild with my internet shopping.  Here are a few things I might have purchased for my kids were it not for this armpit of an economy ;)  

Because I am nothing if not keeping you up to date on things that you wish you could buy, but totally don't need.  It just feels so good to just see it pictured together, like a internet whore's dream....(wavy lines) doodleedoo, doodleedoo, doodleedoo....


ok, i really wouldn't get this last one for my kids, but only cause they wouldn't appreciate how amazing it was. Nesting dolls are such treasures.

...only if they are going with the "britney over the years" theme, wouldn't it have been more accurate to have made the biggest size doll of her in a dress that was clearly designed to be worn as a shirt, her crotch rot fishnet tights and a bag of cheetos?? {I feel for the girl, i do, i'm just saying}


2008 lovin'

You thought i forgot about you, but actually i was just making you a rally rally special 2008 treat...

 from our family to yours ;)
team boo 's you


chola envy

Some of you may recall my post a while back about my desire for a bi-racial child.
Guys here is the sole reason i need a half Latino baby....
any takers?  Addie?? (you're mexican right?)  ;)
I'm just saying, if I'm gonna take the plunge and introduce another poo-fest, i'm gonna do it right. 

cute as a button...

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