cheesy does it.

  • To the pitiful Spencer on MTV's the Hills that we love to hate: connected.
  • The drive through attendant that gave you grief when you tried to switch your kids french fries for apple dippers: connected.
  • The controlling sister in law that corners and interrogates you about a mysterious rotisserie chicken: connected.
  • The scary guy with red freckles and a hoodie at the stop light yelling at guessed it: connected.
After hearing a lesson on "charity"... I realized that we all can {and should} be a part of as many lives as we can. Even when we feel we have nothing to give or when life is spanking our faces and we think we have no spare time. If we change our thoughts of good intent into action, it is amazing how many things that clutter our minds can be eliminated. Even though we are giving our time or support to someone in need, we can find that we are not living for someone else's life rather we are living our life and gaining experiences and friendship, but in the service of others.
I am always amazed at the similarities of people.  We all have met someone who reminds us of someone else.  Despite our best efforts to set ourselves apart, we are all made of the same stuff. One positive from my twisted love affair with blogging is that I can connect with people I might have never met otherwise. The downside is when we publicly share pieces of ourselves, we also give fuel to the stalkers that like to make it a competition...ew.  The "mommy vortex" bums me know, all the hideous competitions we women create just so we can judge each other. In the end, we're all searching for the same thing: and that is to not only be connected, but to feel like someone connects with us. So sack up hoes and just be nice ;)

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." 

**need a reminder to be nice?? perhaps in the form of sweet art?? check it.
you can find these here and here .

(did you make it through?? please excuse for the cheese-fest)


brit.brit.brit said...

um...seriously LOVE you're blog. you are 1. hilarious 2. not afraid to say what you think 3. i need to be your friend. and i love how whitty you are. lets do this already.


logan said...

This happens to me every so often: I find the blog of a person who GETS me even though we haven't met and I stay up ready it for far too long.

It's nearly midnight here, eek! But you and your fam are adorable!

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