knives don't have your back.

 If 2009 sucks...i got backup.

In the meantime, here a few things i plan to work on...
(but i always start in the less abrupt...February :)

-get out of bed by 8:30am at the latest {my poor kids}
-make dinner at least twice a week {my poor family}
-run one more marathon {seattle?} before baby making #3
-put on a bra by at least noon every day.
-not ever watch a single second of a reality show with retard names like "Brody".

-remember to charge, not lose and carry my cell phone ;) {buuuut first i have to find it..heh}

**Also you will never again hear me resolve to remember Birthdays...i've tried...i've failed...i'll suck at it forever.

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