chop it up.

A few of you have requested some pregnancy pictures.  But considering the amount of photo ops I've had in my bed the last 3 1/2 months you might just have to wait a smidge longer ;)  Please take the above photo as a replacement until I have one that meets my public criteria. 
Also it seems the mommy blogging contest will be virtually impossible for me to win.  It would appear that between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00am  is when my toughest competitor gets all her "votes"....which means no "dong eared" stuffed animals for me (or you) but I am amazed at your abilities to help my little blog get so far... thank you for all your support!!!! you guys rock...and now I release you :) Now, I am off to watch me some Mad Men.  
(I would give some links but i am waaay too tired and/or lazy)


clean slate.


I need to reclaim my bedroom.

donate unused stuff.

paint some rooms.

I'd love to knock out some walls.

then I want to open the blinds and have my house magically look like this.

anyone want to help? sponsor? no?


cause we've got our own boobs to look at.

A few months ago I was at the splash park with some friends where there was a lady who had her new baby in a sling. he was obviously hungry (as babies tend to unremittingly be) and much to this baby's delight...he had a vip ticket to "perma snack" which co-incided with his mommy's giant (and i mean giant) lady lumps being slung out for all to see. for the entire two hours we played! (including when the baby slept) Now maybe i was being prejudiced...because I have a very low tolerance for adults who sport pigtails (which she was) just to be clear that i am not one of those people who will stare you down in a restaurant if your kid so much as sneezes, I will list off a few things she might validly use in her defense:

-nursing is a wonderful natural part of life
-it's possible her chafed nips were having a cotton aversion
-it was hotttttt
-maybe she likes tan boobs (and tan babies)
-she couldn't care less what the judgmental mom groups were saying ;)

I boobs get out of control ginormous. I nurse in public. (As a rule babies eat and have poop explosions at the most inopportune times) But I also know there is usually a way to be a little more discrete. Please ladies continue to nurse...and not only locked away in some 1950's mothers lounge, don't let any yuppy boob snob tell you any otherwise. But please, for the love of all ten year old boys wandering eyes...the wonder of your lactating miracles should stay shrouded in mystery.
and here is where i tell you how...really, this was just my very round about way of telling
nursing or soon to be nursing mothers that:

Udder Covers will work wonders for those pesky water park scenarios. One comfy strap over your piggy tailed head and voila! are all set to keep those puppies in check.

(oh, also resist the urge to wear pigtails)


what's in your tool belt?

Today sheamus and I looked after my sweet niece Jemma...
She laughed and cooed on the bed while sheamus impressed her with his super hero somersaults. When her attention started to wane, i reached for the next closest form of entertainment....a bottle of anxiety pills from my nightstand I gave her to use as a makeshift rattle. ...marker tattoos, prescription noisemakers...we likes to keep things simple 'round here. And as usual...good times were had. Shame or no shame....its probably time i restock my baby toy supply ;)
*does this "DQ" me from the mommy blogger competish??


back in the saddle.

{picture via Delighted...who is rather delightful herself}
This weekend I made three public appearances (All of which i felt way "too pregnant" to tell people i was only 3 1/2 months along).  I showered, I curled my hair to cover to monster blemishes that are now gracing my complexion, i ate, i laughed, I got the bakery guy at Whole Foods to give me a free Creme brulee (which along with orange creamsicles is my new favorite treat...a sure fire way to be much more ashamed to announce how far along i am next week) I wore makeup, I organized my pantry, the list goes on....
And despite my new rear view renaissance's great to be back!! (FYI: just as two wrongs don't make a right...non elastic jeans and a jersey top don't make an flattering maternity outfit for me)
I made a promise to myself that I would make some changes...inspired by Polished Pickle and Owwy's summer to do lists I am gonna do more of the following as a "back to school list" of sorts:
-begin plans for halloween costume party...if you live in AZ you are invited ;)
-finish 2 concepts on my poster art idea
-learn one three chord song on my guitar
-actually plan something special for husband (our 7th anniversary is approaching)
-make dinner for my family three nights a week (this one is haaaaaaard!)
wish me luck!
"a BOO yah"
"someone just got SERVED a BOO sandwich"
"that's what i call getting BOO-slapped"
see what i did there?? now make a momma proud and don't make me regret coming up with those "catchy" one liners, which by losing will make sound really stupid...but otherwise are very cool ;) 
keep voting!...


we have a wieeener...

Congrats to our first and second place Project boo summer video contest winners!!! 1st: Brittany - {basking in the sun }  has won this adorable custom necklace courtesy of Buffalo gal designs. 2nd: Lindsay - {Hoedown Throwdown) recives one custom tee design by Franko and Leks. You guys all rock for playing and voting!! ...and thanks for keeping me occupied throughout one of the sickest times of my life ;) huge thanks to Buffalo Gal and Franko & Leks for your awesome prize donations! {remember: mention "team boo" at checkout and receive discount on any Franko & Leks design} (Brittany and Lindsay email me at with your mailing info) Go share some love this weekend!! {and don't forget to vote for me ...i am slowly moving up in the ranks thanks to you!} *then i promise i will start posting about things other than flipping contests...holy crap, right??


you can call me Garth (cause I'm shameless)

Here's the deal.
I know how many visits I get a day
I know how many votes i am behind in the mommy blogger contest 
and I know that most of you are holding out on me 
So now i am resorting to the ugly face of "informal palm greasing"
{which according to my computer thesaurus, is WAY more awesome way of saying "bribery"}
and here's how it will go down:
The grand prize for the mommy blogger winner is a bunch of awesome free shwagg 
{no disrespect...but is my mind in the gutter, or does that creature have wiener shaped ears??}
But there are, like, lots of things in this swag bag 
and it just wouldn't be right if one girl were to keep it all that jazz to herself
{whomever she may be}
and i, my friends, am all about sharing the love!
So each day that you vote for me here 
leave me a comment below {in this post}
you can leave as many comments as you leave votes {you can vote once a day}
the more comments you leave 
the better your chance at being the lucky beneficiary to something special in the prize package
{and there will be more than one of you}
so from today until the 31st of August...
{and only if you truly think i am qualified to win this award, of course}
also if you leave a comments here without actually voting,,,
well...that totally defeats the purpose, you know ;)
I didn't want to show you the pitiful face of my "wretched bad taste"
{which according to my computer thesaurus is another way to say "desperation"}
but as of now I am in the top three, but still pretty far behind
and the gloves have to come off
thats where you come in.
{but I promise i won't punch you in the face}
Don't let me down friends-o-boo!!


it's all in the eye.

{image via ffffound}
today i am feeling calm. maybe it's because my house is clean (5 of my amazing friends showed up at my door to clean it on Monday) maybe its because I showered and went to dinner with a few girlfriends last night so i finally felt like a human being. maybe its cause both my kids are at school! or because the neighborhood gardeners finally stopped buzzing their machines from hell outside my bedroom window for what felt like hours. maybe it is because Nie hiked the Y, and is so inspirational i am without words. (One of my other favorite bloggers Kelly wrote an account of visiting with Stephanie after her hike, and you need to read it...cause it's amazing, and any dose of Nie's goodness is a step in the right direction.) I am going to try and see these long months in my bed as moments of cleansing. Of course not literally, since my stomach feels like i drank a rotten gallon of milk. But figuratively; considering all the time I have had to think of the ways I'd like to improve my spirit. To serve. To love. To move my body. To create. The internet is such a fountain of inspiration...and i have had more than my fill....soon it will be time to put things into action. Thank you so much to all who have offered encouragement...I feel like my laptop has kept me afloat. You all have kept me afloat. I am excited to work on myself so that i might be even an ounce as good as the people who inspire me (like Nie and Kelly). I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who gives me these moments of peace. The world is so crazy. I am so far from exemplary, but he is always us reminders that we are loved, and that we are here to lift each other up. And i am no exception. That believe it or not, somewhere in my sarcastic poo poo pee pee talking brain, there is a sensitive and thankful girl that sincerely loves people!! Which leads me to overcoming my first slacker attribute...writing out the thank you cards stacked on my nightstand giving me the LAZY eye. *(who am i kidding...i feel calm mostly because my kids are at school ;)
What inspires you lately?
search here for more inspiring ladies...
*also vote for me here today if you please :)


wishful thinking.

Today my sweet boy started pre-school.

...cross your fingers with me that he doesn't crap his pants.

{three is the best age to play tootsies cause of all the characters they love to be.  
Sheamus, like so many other little boys his age, loves to be a superhero.  
It makes "this little piggy" way more interesting for the parent to play after the gajillionth time}

drum roll...

The Project Boo countdown is creeping by and there are a few of you in a pretty close race.  
so without further ado, I'd like to introduce  Project Boo's first place prize!!
Brought to you by Buffalo Gal vintage inspired jewelry line... 
this adorable charm necklace: I love it! its so delicate and sweet... {i just wish my camera didn't blow so the photos could do it justice}
{gold plated chain with 3 vintage gold plated leaf charms and a green tear cut stone}
good luck to all the finalists!
and remember to go here today to vote for yours truly ;)
basically, i need a miracle!


so check it.

K but here's the deal
it turns out my competition is rather fierce.
like hundreds and in a few cases thousands of followers fierce
and basically it would be a miracle for me to be a blip on the radar
so if you could head over to Project Mommyhood and VOTE for me starting today
vote, and vote and then vote some more
( i actually don't know how the voting works...once a day maybe??)
and then tell your friends about this super rad mom you "know" and that they should vote for her too :)
if by chance you don't think i should win for Mommy blogger of the year award 
then you can suck it
then swallow your judgements and vote for me anyway ;)
(i'll close my eyes)
and then when you come to your senses
you can go back and vote for me again
and again :) stretch marks thank you.
{ terms of legitimately awesome moms, don't you wish you could go hike with NIE today? she is SO amazing...}


Project Boo FINALISTS!

{via ponygraph}

This was a tricky list to narrow down
{cause this wasn't an easy leave-me-a-comment kind of contest}
 making a movie is time consuming.
and you all did an amazing job!

but alas I picked my top 5 based on the following criteria:
song choice
editing efforts
unique subject matter
my inclination to watch it more than once :)

So without wasting any more of your time with the boring crap
here is this years Project Boo's top 5 in no particular order.....
{just click the movie link to refresh your memory}

- "hot july" by Laura B 

Voting begins right now and and ends next Thursday Aug 20th.
{that gives you a week to get your admirers to cast their votes too}
but you can only vote once (i think??) so review the choices first and make it count:

...and while you're in the voting mood...go here to vote for Team boo (thats me ;) for a "mommy blogger" award!

Thanks to everyone who played
now you have a video memory to keep foreverrrr!


a mommy what!?!

Forgive me if I have written about this before, because right now i fall into the ambiguous territory of being merely functionally retarded. And despite my abundant free time, I am too lazy to scour my archives, so suck it up cause I am writing about it, again (?): The first time someone called me a "mommy blogger," i had the figurative reaction of looking over my shoulder to see who they were talking to.  When i turned back around and questioningly pointed to myself, the eyes were indeed on me. I'd never heard this term before. "Mommy" yes. Thousands of times a day. "blogger" yes. Reluctantly...but only because blog is such a farty sounding word. I wear both labels with pride, but together?? Something about it made me feel haggish, used, written off. Cause who really wants to know how many times I've been thrown up on? or how many days it's been since i've shaved my legs?? But last night as I very pregnant and nauseously leaned over the kitchen sink, crying, nose running, with my sweet helpless husband by my side, I knew that being a mommy is predominantly what I am.  It's not everything sure, for I am many things, but it IS a big fat amazing part of me...
(This isn't to say I think i am an amazing mother...CONFESSION: while other moms were sobbing in the school hallways, I was basically skidding out of the parking lot on my daughter's first day of kindergarden).
...but rather that I know motherhood is an amazing most important on this earth, in fact! And since blogging about it is one way i chose to connect with the world...well that makes me a "mommy blogger". There I said it. So even though i never intended to be a "M.B" recognition of my readers, that is the content that has predominantly, and often times ungracefully, come out of my head. And I am so totally proud of that! So whether I am deserving or not, I have been pleasantly surprised by my nomination for the Project Mommyhood: 
I don't know all the details yet, but I know that voting is from Aug 15th to Aug 31st, and the winner gets a swag bag of a whole lot of mommy amazingness ;) I am SO thrilled to be up for discussion! (And even more thrilled that Sheamus finally fell asleep after and hour of crying that he wasn't tired while I tried to write this post AND email Lesley from Project Mommyhood ). So even though my brain is like scrambled eggs, i have still managed to scratch something halfway coherent here...thanks to the multitasking and selective hearing skills I've picked up throughout my seven years of motherhood. That has gotta mean something ;)
now go vote!!

final project boo: leigh

a vacay from georgia to florida...
but all I want is a vacation out of my bed. 
sweet Leigh her best to take us all with her
and her cute brood of boys
{and we didn't even have to pack the car!}
Now if only i could get my butt out of the body shaped imprint in my mattress
...I could get my feet wet too.

thanks Leigh!
that's the most fresh air i've experienced all month ;)

{click here to view}

*Also, Hang tight peeps 
{regarding the finalists and prize up for grabs}
I have had a pretty awful couple of days
vomit wise
and I've been lucky to even get up to brush my teeth.

Tomorrow i will be choosing my top 5 summer videos for you all to vote on...
after which all videos will be switched into just links to your sites.
 {that way my page won't take 100 years to load anymore}
so it is your job to post them to your page 
{if you haven't already}
that way if you are a finalist
your peeps can vote for you!

thanks again to all who played/watched/commented/were inspired
this was a lot of fun 
and you all rocked it :)


last day for project boo: by Lindsay H.

It doesn't even matter how much i hate this song or how much my brain swells when i hear it. or that Miley Cyrus is one reality show deal away from desperately flashing her lady bidness to save what will eventually be her floundering career (built on a foundation of dad's mullet-turned-woman-hair and her sultry hooker voice.) Who's latest song "hoedown throwdown" is just a foreshadowing of the corny E! headlines its title will be mixed with after her inevitable public meltdown...

...there is still no way i could NOT appreciate how adorable this Project Boo video is!! and how far home movie projects have come since the Pepto Bismol commercials I made when I was little. 
thanks Lindsay!
this is rad.
...and I forgive you for the song since you were working against the forces of genius pre teen marketing to help your nieces. 
Way to take one for the team!

{even if my ears are bleeding a little}

{click here to view}

side effect of living in predominantly white suburbia...

{via quoteskine}
An encounter with a woman sitting near his table at Peter Piper Pizza, a normally very reserved Sheamus strikes up a conversation:
s: how come you're brown?
woman:  (laughing) well, that's just how God made me.
s: yeah,'re really brown.
woman: (laughing harder) it's kinda like chocolate, huh?
s: (thinking...) well, Chocolate is yummy.
What a good sport she was to come and report to my husband, after Sheamus had left to play, how cute he was (and what he had said). Who knows, maybe he was just trying to hit on her and that was just his inappropriate pickup line??
Either way, we've got to get out more.
*also we have been including in our prayers with the kids to "help the baby in mommy's tummy to grow healthy and strong."  
In Sheamus's last two prayers this has come out as:
"please help Elyott (his 6 yr. old sister) to have a baby
and my favorite...
 "please help ME to have momma's baby.
 don't you want to just eat 3 year olds whole?!?

last day for project boos {by Katie & by Heather}

Katie over at cute-n-Boot summer favorites checklist:
bike rides
random street dancing...

sounds like summer to me! plus, I love me a little Mirah ;) (click here to view) thanks boots !

Heather over at AZ Lewis made good on the challenge when she busted out this little disneyland gem. a family you can't help but love when you see their kid who can't fall asleep with dirty hands, but will sleep through someone picking his nose. something tells me this kid is a rockstar ;)

thanks Lewis !


project boo: by Lisa

behold, a summer video of some of the cutest {and spazziest} kids I know... but perhaps i am biased, for she is my seester. by Lisa on Vimeo. sorry Lis, you're not allowed to win either ;)
{but you guys are still the biggity best}


take me away...

i always dream about having an old awesome car that i could drive around with the windows down.
but then i remember how much i love air conditioning.
and non musty smelling cars. 
with cozy interiors...
and automatic windows :)

but i reeeeallly wouldn't mind having one of these.

Have an amazing weekend!

(Project Boo deadline is MONDAY)


project boo: by crystal

so this is what it looks like when you play with your kids!
(i am starting to forget..;)
this is what its like to go outside
to laugh and play be vertical.

in the last couple months, my kids were lucky to see our front porch.
Crystal your parenting involvement is commendable.
...would you by chance want to adopt a couple cute toe-heads for a month or so??
my poor children :(
or your lucky ever you want to slice it.

thanks Crystal !


sweet and six

10 things that make Elyott terribly happy:
1. the wind in the shower right before the water gets warm.
2. learning a grown up thing
3. the no smile game.
4. CBS Saturday morning cartoons
5. snow queen xmas movie
6. tree swings
7. going to grandmas house
8. making cookies with the cookie maker (her dad)
9. getting tickled
10. reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by the cozy fire

( see other family top tens, click here and here )


tall orders

project boo: by Deborah

here is a video by one of my closest friends
her kids are hilarious....and a little crazy.
i lost track of all the somersaults performed
but i felt like i needed a neck brace after watching it.

thanks Deb !!
(don't worry about the song duplication...
you technically can't win the prize anyway ;)
sorry friend.

smile by deborah  on Vimeo.
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