project boo: by Lisa

behold, a summer video of some of the cutest {and spazziest} kids I know... but perhaps i am biased, for she is my seester. by Lisa on Vimeo. sorry Lis, you're not allowed to win either ;)
{but you guys are still the biggity best}


littlegypsy. said...

love it!

Kera said...

so because she isn't going to win, i've prepared the following questions:

1. are you kidding me with how cute that was?
2. what was the name of that song? i loved it.
3. did you know that you and your sister look alike?
4. is it weird that just in case we are reincarnated, I want to come back as one of those brothers, because they are the coolest/cutest ever.

Carolyn said...

....the song is Ottoman by Vampire Weekend.

i don't see the resemblance at all, but thank you sister is beautiful :)

abby said...

so can i make a desperate plea and ask you to enable an rss feed on your blog? please? and thank you? (because it is a delight being here but i am just an airhead about checking blogs without google reader.)

Carolyn said...


my feed is the thorn in my siiiide!

I have worked on fixing it before, but either i am a total spaz, or there is something very wrong with the HTML on my blog. In other words my site feed is enabled but is non-detectable to others with just my regular blog address. For a short term fix you can type in my "feed" url into your google reader which is:

i want to punch myself in the face with how annoying this is. I'll keep you posted :)

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