last day for project boos {by Katie & by Heather}

Katie over at cute-n-Boot summer favorites checklist:
bike rides
random street dancing...

sounds like summer to me! plus, I love me a little Mirah ;) (click here to view) thanks boots !

Heather over at AZ Lewis made good on the challenge when she busted out this little disneyland gem. a family you can't help but love when you see their kid who can't fall asleep with dirty hands, but will sleep through someone picking his nose. something tells me this kid is a rockstar ;)

thanks Lewis !


leigh said...

Hey there,
I have my video ready. Here is the link...

You just have to copy and paste the link into a browser and it should prompt you to save the file. Once saved extract the zip file to expose the wmv file.

My husband dreamed up this method because he is stubborn and he is anti-vimeo and anti-youtube.

Anyhoo, I'd send this to your e-mail but my computer is all wonky and I can't access it through your profile.

Let me know if you ahve any problems uploading the video!

My head hurts...I'm gonna go get a drink!


GloamingDesigns said...

awesome! i didn't make the deadline :( but from the looks of it, i probably didn't stand a chance!

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