side effect of living in predominantly white suburbia...

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An encounter with a woman sitting near his table at Peter Piper Pizza, a normally very reserved Sheamus strikes up a conversation:
s: how come you're brown?
woman:  (laughing) well, that's just how God made me.
s: yeah,'re really brown.
woman: (laughing harder) it's kinda like chocolate, huh?
s: (thinking...) well, Chocolate is yummy.
What a good sport she was to come and report to my husband, after Sheamus had left to play, how cute he was (and what he had said). Who knows, maybe he was just trying to hit on her and that was just his inappropriate pickup line??
Either way, we've got to get out more.
*also we have been including in our prayers with the kids to "help the baby in mommy's tummy to grow healthy and strong."  
In Sheamus's last two prayers this has come out as:
"please help Elyott (his 6 yr. old sister) to have a baby
and my favorite...
 "please help ME to have momma's baby.
 don't you want to just eat 3 year olds whole?!?


Krista said...

that's the best story i've heard since my aunt quite matter of factly said "milk is white and so am i" to a stranger at a gas station.

missy. said...

oh how funny! i am glad she was a good sport, that could have ended badly! not that anyone could get mad your kids. they are too cute to get mad at!

Kera said...

i wonder what he'd say f he met me.

B said...

love it.

Carolyn said...


If i know Sheamus, he'd ask you to be his girlfriend.

...he's a sucker for a brunette ;)

b. said...

cute, cute, cute as always.

i wanted to thank you so much for coming over to my blog last week and helping me with gift ideas!! that is a super cute site that i never heard about befpre! xo.

if you have any gift ideas for a "twin" baby shower.. im all ears!

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