so check it.

K but here's the deal
it turns out my competition is rather fierce.
like hundreds and in a few cases thousands of followers fierce
and basically it would be a miracle for me to be a blip on the radar
so if you could head over to Project Mommyhood and VOTE for me starting today
vote, and vote and then vote some more
( i actually don't know how the voting works...once a day maybe??)
and then tell your friends about this super rad mom you "know" and that they should vote for her too :)
if by chance you don't think i should win for Mommy blogger of the year award 
then you can suck it
then swallow your judgements and vote for me anyway ;)
(i'll close my eyes)
and then when you come to your senses
you can go back and vote for me again
and again :) stretch marks thank you.
{ terms of legitimately awesome moms, don't you wish you could go hike with NIE today? she is SO amazing...}


homemade grits said...

dear carolyn,

i hope you win!



Krista said...

i'll spread the word.
how did you do that with your pics? that alone gets my vote.

Kera said...

so i was thinking of doing the hike. is that like stalkerish? she liked asked me if i wanted to, didn't she?

Carolyn said...

you should totally go! i guarantee you'll be in good stalker company ;)

i would go with you if i could...

b. said...

you are one of my fave blogs.. ill go vote now.

curious.. if you could help me with something! my blogs dont show up on my blog roll and im not sure what to do!!! do you now how to fix such a thing? it seems to be impossible trying to get a hold of anyone at blogger!

{april kennedy} said...

Congrats on being nominated. You are awesome....but what is even more awesomer is how you got your picture on this post to change over and over did you do that? Tutorial please....I will vote twice maybe three times for you!

and if you don't want to reveal your secret to could email it to me at davenapril at aol dot com. your secrets safe with me!

Carolyn said...

Krista & April-

the changing picture....its no secret :) It is called an "animated gif" There are lots of sites that will generate them if you just google "generate animated gif"
then you just upload a few pictures and voila!

good luck guys...and thanks for voting!!!

The Mrs. said...

congrats on being featured! you are HILARIOUS and since your competition I probably shouldnt be telling you that but you are. My husband is telling me I'm going soft now. But really, great blog!

Carolyn said...

the Mrs.-

you know us little fish gots to stick together! Very big of you to give me blog props...thank you!'re not too shabby yourself. In all honesty these contests drive me mad, they make me think about blogging more than i already do...shessh. Anyway I am rooting for the underdogs, and that includes you!!

....but mostly me ;)

p.s. your blog rocks!

Scary Mommy said...

I came over here from Project Mommyhood, and just wanted to say that I'm loving your blog- so happy to have discovered it. Good luck!

The Jensen Kids said...

just voted for you lady! All the luck in the world to you!


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