back in the saddle.

{picture via Delighted...who is rather delightful herself}
This weekend I made three public appearances (All of which i felt way "too pregnant" to tell people i was only 3 1/2 months along).  I showered, I curled my hair to cover to monster blemishes that are now gracing my complexion, i ate, i laughed, I got the bakery guy at Whole Foods to give me a free Creme brulee (which along with orange creamsicles is my new favorite treat...a sure fire way to be much more ashamed to announce how far along i am next week) I wore makeup, I organized my pantry, the list goes on....
And despite my new rear view renaissance's great to be back!! (FYI: just as two wrongs don't make a right...non elastic jeans and a jersey top don't make an flattering maternity outfit for me)
I made a promise to myself that I would make some changes...inspired by Polished Pickle and Owwy's summer to do lists I am gonna do more of the following as a "back to school list" of sorts:
-begin plans for halloween costume party...if you live in AZ you are invited ;)
-finish 2 concepts on my poster art idea
-learn one three chord song on my guitar
-actually plan something special for husband (our 7th anniversary is approaching)
-make dinner for my family three nights a week (this one is haaaaaaard!)
wish me luck!
"a BOO yah"
"someone just got SERVED a BOO sandwich"
"that's what i call getting BOO-slapped"
see what i did there?? now make a momma proud and don't make me regret coming up with those "catchy" one liners, which by losing will make sound really stupid...but otherwise are very cool ;) 
keep voting!...


missy. said...

ha yes. i am way proud that you went in public even though you felt too pregnant to be out there. people i'm sure admire you instead of think you look pregnant! no worries girl.

margaret said...

i finally voted for you today, even though i thought you deserved mommy blogger of the year about 132913 weeks ago. i love your blog!! and your popsicle picture makes me happy!

Kelsie said...

making dinner 3 nights a week IS hard...and i dont even have kids! i wish you luck on your list!

i voted yo.

Renee said...

I like your to-do list. I think I'll make one of my own. It will not include making dinner though, because I like knowing I'll be able to cross the item off.

Working on something for you, thought you should know.

(P.S. Voted)

abby said...

boo yes, thank you for the sweet words. if you win (you really deserve it) it will be because every time you have begged, i have gone and voted for you. how many of your readers can say the same? less than 10, i'd say.

The Cooks in our Kitchen said...

Hey, so I am 6 months along and although you have a leg up on me because you have been pregnant before, I have a GREAT suggestion of where to get some CUTE pregnancy tops for CHEAP... hopefully all of those words make you happy today ;) And knowing that my big rear is bigger than your big rear (and my swollen ankles too!) ;)

Carolyn said...

thanks for the pregnancy clothes suggestion...I am getting ready to purge my closet of all my "in denial" clothing. I am in desperate need of sprucing things up for my new boobie-licious bod.

abby- are impressively loyal to this cause. You (and your hair cut) are an inspiration to the rest of us ;)

I'm exciteeeeeeed! (in a sing-songy voice)

raquel & raul said...

That picture is too funny.

zealandrocks said...

So my sister is Kim Howard and i think she knows you through her husband nate howard, i love your blog, like EVERYONE else! I just thought i'd let you know that when i think about i vote for you! =] good luck!!

Logan said...

I have been voting and voting and voting. But I want to see pregnant pictures PLEASE!

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