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today i am feeling calm. maybe it's because my house is clean (5 of my amazing friends showed up at my door to clean it on Monday) maybe its because I showered and went to dinner with a few girlfriends last night so i finally felt like a human being. maybe its cause both my kids are at school! or because the neighborhood gardeners finally stopped buzzing their machines from hell outside my bedroom window for what felt like hours. maybe it is because Nie hiked the Y, and is so inspirational i am without words. (One of my other favorite bloggers Kelly wrote an account of visiting with Stephanie after her hike, and you need to read it...cause it's amazing, and any dose of Nie's goodness is a step in the right direction.) I am going to try and see these long months in my bed as moments of cleansing. Of course not literally, since my stomach feels like i drank a rotten gallon of milk. But figuratively; considering all the time I have had to think of the ways I'd like to improve my spirit. To serve. To love. To move my body. To create. The internet is such a fountain of inspiration...and i have had more than my fill....soon it will be time to put things into action. Thank you so much to all who have offered encouragement...I feel like my laptop has kept me afloat. You all have kept me afloat. I am excited to work on myself so that i might be even an ounce as good as the people who inspire me (like Nie and Kelly). I am grateful to my Heavenly Father who gives me these moments of peace. The world is so crazy. I am so far from exemplary, but he is always us reminders that we are loved, and that we are here to lift each other up. And i am no exception. That believe it or not, somewhere in my sarcastic poo poo pee pee talking brain, there is a sensitive and thankful girl that sincerely loves people!! Which leads me to overcoming my first slacker attribute...writing out the thank you cards stacked on my nightstand giving me the LAZY eye. *(who am i kidding...i feel calm mostly because my kids are at school ;)
What inspires you lately?
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b. said...

i didnt have anything to post about today so i dedicated my post to you.

have a great day!

Renee said...

Don't know if you've read The Spohrs Are Multiplying or not, but the blog post after the loss of their daughter? Yes, that was inspiring. Makes me thinking about kissing my kid's elbows and knees on a daily basis.

P.S. Why can't I find your e-mail address on your blog? Guess I'll respond here instead, with a YESS (two s's)

Carlita said...

wow, kelly's account is exactly what i'd imagine nie to be like. that's amazing. she is so amazing, and i tear up every time i hear more to her story.

and i like that you can show your sensitive side in the midst of poo poo pee pee stories :)

Lindsay said...

Nie is amazing..I swear I cry with her every post!

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