wishful thinking.

Today my sweet boy started pre-school.

...cross your fingers with me that he doesn't crap his pants.

{three is the best age to play tootsies cause of all the characters they love to be.  
Sheamus, like so many other little boys his age, loves to be a superhero.  
It makes "this little piggy" way more interesting for the parent to play after the gajillionth time}


Sara said...

Those toes are perfect... and looking highly edible.

Fingers are crossed for non-crap-pantsdom.

missy. said...

fingers are crossed! love the toe picture. how creative :)

b. said...

i love how you say it like it is! refresing... and funny! let us know how it goes!

valerie said...

Good luck! love the toes

parentingBYdummies said...

So? did he crap 'em? Hope not because it's embarrassing. And, I'm saying that from firsthand experience. You are reading a comment from the mom of a preschooler who really, truly crapped his pants at school.

Carolyn said...

no crap today...but there is always tomorrow!


Dallas Shaw said...

how sweet!
love this photo!


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