chop it up.

A few of you have requested some pregnancy pictures.  But considering the amount of photo ops I've had in my bed the last 3 1/2 months you might just have to wait a smidge longer ;)  Please take the above photo as a replacement until I have one that meets my public criteria. 
Also it seems the mommy blogging contest will be virtually impossible for me to win.  It would appear that between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00am  is when my toughest competitor gets all her "votes"....which means no "dong eared" stuffed animals for me (or you) but I am amazed at your abilities to help my little blog get so far... thank you for all your support!!!! you guys rock...and now I release you :) Now, I am off to watch me some Mad Men.  
(I would give some links but i am waaay too tired and/or lazy)


jasmine said...

i just voted for you again and tweeted about it telling everyone to vote for you NOW. like fast! NOOOW GUYS!!!

i want you to win! :D

boots said...

shes a cheater! :p
oh well you rock anyway

mrsmouthy said...

Hey. Renee sent me over here, so now I've read exactly one post of your blog, but I've analyzed it intensely over the past 10 seconds and have decided you've got my vote. I'm pretty big around here so they'll probably count it as 100 points.

Renee said...

Mrs. Mouthy is correct. She's the only reason you came close. (Oh, and your blog skillz)

I replied to your reply on my post, and I was just going to do it here, but out of context it was scary sounding.

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