my wig bangs are for balance.

so here i am
 in all of my soft focus glory.
(my husband's finger always gravitates over the flash...
editing in exposure helps me be more dreamy....and visible)
I'm almost 4 months along, going on 7.
some things you can't tell from this picture are:
how my boobs are actually still quite bigger than my belly
my kids are running around like rabies infested dogs
my house is a total disaster
I am uncharacteristically ready for a date night a half hour early 
...trying to catch a moments peace in our "worthless room" 
{every house has one}
Nothing was gonna get in the way of this pregnant girl's night of tacos and creme brulee.
And now friends, I am signing off for a bit. 
Taking a little computer break to catch up on the things I've been missing out on in real life.
like talking to friends in-person, riding bikes with my loves....and having a fridge that doesn't smell like death.
Go enjoy your families!!
{sing some songs together...}


Sara said...

God help me, I love your bangs. I have an odd fixation with the fringe. Not yours, but in general. I should stop talking now.

Same New Story said...

you look beautiful!

Anne said...

You're so pretty (as in lovely, not very) pregnant!

boots said...

you look absolutely beautiful, and your right - your boobs got HUGE! lol

Broadobalds said...

You look amazing! Call me when you can press indentations into your ankles that stay for 1 hr +. Then we'll talk.

heisschic said...

oy pass some of that boobage this way, please. could be fun to have SOME (just a little- really i'm not greedy) for a couple months.

btw- you are stunning. ha the face of an angel, but damnn girl... nice legs. hope date night went amazingly for you!

. said...

you look adorable.. hope you had a fun date!

The Payne family said...

So remember all those comments about how awful you look pregnant? I'm starting to think you are a liar Carolyn Dike.

MaryPosa said...

Ok... so i'm 6 months pregnant and can't say that i EVER looked that good at any stage, including before. So kudos you you on that. And don't worry about 3 going on 7... after my first baby, all subsequent pregnancies make me look about 6 months pregnant about 3 hours after i get my first positive pregnant pee stick.

love and love

m. estelle said...

stunning! you. are. stunning.

i am crossing my fingers toes and eyes that i can look this "dreamy" when i am pregnant!!!


Steve and Shell said...

I like your blog and your wig bangs!

Anonymous said...

You're adorable. And I'm jealous you can eat tacos when you're pregnant.

jasmine said...

tacos and creme brulee certainly sound like a pregnant're a total genius. and you look gorgeous so you better stop describing yourself by saying things like "out-of-breath-resentful-chubby-girl-in-maternity-pants."

got it?


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