clean slate.


I need to reclaim my bedroom.

donate unused stuff.

paint some rooms.

I'd love to knock out some walls.

then I want to open the blinds and have my house magically look like this.

anyone want to help? sponsor? no?


stacie and geoffrey... said...

That rose-colored couch just makes me want to die!

You have my permission to post the pictures as long as you emphasize how awesome the Sloanies are!

Kara said...

i want to do that same thing to my house. you help me, i'll help you?!?! i think it is a result of spending too much time at home, i have some serious cabin fever.

Brittany said...

Yes I would like to do that too. I guess we need to move out of my in laws house and have our Own real room.

I voted for you twice today from 2 different computers

jasmine said...

that couch in off-white is EXACTLY what we have been looking for. grrrrrrr.

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