truly truly TRULY.

this post is long overdue...
i think its best i get it out of all our systems. 
{even if it might be a little annoying to her mom??}
this is one of my adorable nieces, Jemma.
I am thankful to her parents for conceiving her.
and a big thanks to Freezepop for meeting this need...  i dare you to not get this stuck in your head.
...your welcome Chandra :)


jasmine said...

ahahahaha! it's really funny to look at the cute photo of jemma while listening to this song.

i'm glad you did this because i haven't been able to NOT think of jem every time you've posted about jemma. i can't help it! fortunately, none of her contemporaries will have a clue who jem is.

Anonymous said...

Glamour and glitter... No one else is the same -- Jem is her naaame!

She is going to love her song someday, I just know it.

Jemma Momma

boots said...

Thank you for letting me know i am not alone, and someone else remembers the amazingness that is *JEM!
eff the Misfits!

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