It's a sweet little girl!!
{Despite Steph's insatiable cravings for meat}

Jemma Adelaide Kubal
8lbs 8 oz
BROWN hair!
I still have not met this little munchkin as i am still at a family reunion in Texas, but i can't wait to get home! Congratulations Chris and sister!!!!


S and K said...

Oh she's a cute one!!! Pass on my congrats to Steph! I'm so excited for her that its a little lady. Love the name!

Chandra said...

Being a total child of the 80's I can't help having the song to from the cartoon 'Jem' go through my head when I see the name Jemma. Be very grateful that I am not part of your family because I would probably bust out in the song everytime I saw Jemma. Yeah, I am a bit weird. :)

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