home sweet home.

I just finished reading a book that took me deep into dreamy thoughts of Spring... gelato. porch swings. cut off jeans. fresh crusty bread w/brie for dinner under the stars. newly popped blossoms of an apricot tree. popsicle stained tummies. willowy streets. bare feet. pink lemonade. gardening while kids play in the sprinklers. i could go on and on.

Does this place exist? {other than California} We're back from our trip, and i am loving being home, but soon...all too soon, we will be forced into the less sweaty confines of our basement home. If only this enjoyment would last me through the cruel AZ summer...for I'll be back to my disenchanted thoughts in no time ;)

enjoy a few of our spring memories...

**For now I will relish in the delicious feelings of spring.

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