40 year lovers!

Last week i had the honor of helping my friend Summer congratulate her sweet parents on their 40 years of marriage.  With the Arizona heat, we had to take this surprise party inside and downstairs.  It actually worked out perfectly when her parents arrived early, but still had no idea that I was putting together the finishing touches down below.  I had to climb out the window well as to not raise suspicion as to why some strange scummy neighbor lady was emerging from the basement for their traditional quartlerly "family birthday gathering"

this is an easy illustrator label {and fast way to personalize an event} i made to glue over the lemonade bottles for each table round:

as always, we scoured our houses for things we already had for a very low budget decorating cost.  
{I think Summer spent under $100 bucks! }


Brooke said...

So amazing! I LOVE the colors, very fresh. I can't wait to celebrate 40 years of marriage! Tear Tear!

Carrie said...

That looks AMAZING!!! Great job on the label too!!!

Hobbie said...

You guys did an amazing job transforming Summers basement. The look on their faces was absolutely priceless!!!
Thanks for being such a good friend to my big sis., and helping to make their anniversary so special!

that's hilarious that you climbed out the window....i hadn't heard that part yet.

kelly m said...

it's gar geous!

Kristine said...

Nice work! I love the lemonade bottles and the lights over each table! pretty pretty

littlegypsy. said...

what a great idea on the lemonade bottles!

cara. said...

oh this is lovely.

also. you were tagged in my latest post. . . i'm just sayin.

Kim and the Fam said...

can you please come and throw a party for me here in Hawaii. I just love your style!!! :)

ArizonaLewis said...

yes. i would really love a banner.
and yes.
my current one was a hideous impulse.
thank you for the quality control.
you're my blog soul mate.

Eric and Addie said...

daaaaaamn lady!! you got martha stewfart beat fo sure :) not if but when i make it to fourty will you be my go to gal for decorations? nice job!

Eric and Addie said...

p.s. i'm not quite creative enough to post about it but i unfortunately walked out of the salon last week with a new mom dew. but don't worry i put on my mom jeans as soon as i got home and felt a lot better about things.

m. estelle said...

i am soo impressed with this. i am hoping to do something like this for my wedding reception: simple, fresh, and classy (you know, because i'm a classy gal...). where can i find this handy label maker/please tell me you're giving lessons on how to use the creative side of the that the left or right???


jasmine said...

WOW. you guys did a great job. it looks incredible. and i can totally picture you jumping out the window. i'm pretty sure you must be the most fun ever. move to long beach, and be my neighbor!!!! please??

Lauren Elizabeth said...


Kera said...

so freaking pretty i can't stand it. good job.

S and K said...

AMAZING! Like all the other things that you create!

Sara said...

From that picture, I would let you organize my wedding reception. That looks so cute. But I'd still make you crawl in and out of a window. You know, just because.

Anonymous said...

We should all be so lucky to have that kind of love!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn!! This turned out so great!! I'm so glad you could help Summer out. Another great partay!

~ Steph

Anne said...


{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

Very impressive decorating! You all should go into business!! BTW... you were tagged in one of my recent posts too (twice!).

Carolyn said...

where did you tag me {elizabeth} i can't find it on your site??

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I can't tell you how much I love this!

summer said...

You were amazing! I feel really special that I get to witness you in action, throwing yourself into projects. I am seriously lucky to have you as a friend. This was so fun and fulfilling. Start to finishing touch in only 2 days,and we knocked their socks off!
Now I have a new reason to throw a party... Lets honor you and your devotion to spread the love.
I will start working on a label for your bottles:
A picture of you climbing out of the window well with your 100 oz. mug in tow, sporting the "never nudes" only naturally.
We'll do it up right, something like:
Carolyn + Party
48 hours
15 trips home for various supplies
92 trips up and down the stairs
4 times loading and unloading tables and chairs
1 huge thorny ?boulganvia? to clip 8 arrangements on a budget
388 ounces of caffeine and sugar to sustain
6 random bites of cold pizza
5 hours of half sleep half brainstorming
60 kisses and hugs to reassure kids mommy is super distracted but will return to her usual self shortly, and make up for lost time.
2000 empty calories tossed in the direction of hungry chirpy children's mouths.
Our above mentioned children were not hurt or seriously neglected during the throwing of the party. They were doted on the following day, and enjoyed a special lunch party of their very own. Before we took down the decor, we served all of their favorites. Mac n' Cheese, hot dogs, and fresh lemonade. Their little eyes sparkled beneath the lights, and faces smeared with cheese sauce letting us know that all was right with the world. They exchanged knowing glances to one another, acknowledging they had regained their priority status. (maybe I imagined that last part, but Thank you C- your the best.)

Carolyn said...

i can't take all the credit... there are many thankless hands that go into making a party beautiful, and the Hopkinsons rocked it.

But thank you thank you!! you are all so sweet...and such big exaggerators ;)

Summer i can't believe you typed it out again!! but i'm so glad you did...we SO should make that label!

gangsta bride said...

how beautiful! 100 bucks?!? that's amazing.

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