don't you miss being a kid?

...when it's too hot for a crocheted all means, wear it as a skirt :)


TeeTee said...

Yes, I do miss being a kid.

I love your blog, it is awesome!

perfectly peri said...

So adorable. I love that picture!

Brooke said...

Love that picture!

Honestly I think I will always be a kid. The clothes though... yes i do miss. I remember when it got so hot during the summer my sisters and I would come home from church and strip down to our "tutu" slips. Ha.

Carolyn said...

you mean you don't still do that?

this is her favorite outfit right now...a leotard and a see though skirt...playing with a rabbit fairy...i love it.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

yes, i want to be a kid again! hopefully i will be able to relive that feeling when i have kids someday.

chelsea said...

Oh how I miss being that little. Not that I'm a grown up by any means yet ;)

cara. said...

or move to portland and do this as an adult (:

haven't jumped on that train yet.

however, the videos. glad you checked them out.
it's a time lapse feature which you can get an attachment on your camera for. or you can do it the cheap way like i did it. macs usually come with "imovie" but you'll need to visit their site to download "imovie hd" for free (if its not on their site, i think you can easily get it from some easy web searching)

it features the time lapse option on the recording. best advice i can give you is googling. let me know if you have any questions as you try to figure it out.

this comment is incredibly long....but another option is putting images together on to make a video. like this:


jasmine said...

oh. my. gosh. that is TOO CUTE. and what a great photo! i totally did this kind of thing all the time when i was a kid. kids have THE best fashion sense. they just go for what they like. i love it.

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