project boo.

...and that is why we all love it so.
{i just realized that my first banner read slightly like "project POO"...oops. 
And since it didn't apply to any film making that would interest ME, i had to change it. But thematically speaking, it did rather suit the content of my life}

It's not about who is the biggest art snob, but it IS about making a movie creation you can be proud of! Like sweet Cara, who linked her little movie to me last week. simple and sweet! 

SO.....just make a short summer video and sent it to me by JULY 31st labeled "Project Boo" {}...then i can post it here! I'll even help you if you have a little question or two :) Maybe there will even be a sweet prize at the end for my fave??...that's assuming anyone sends me any. Who knows, it might be suuuuper easy to win. But don't get too carried away with what the prize might be cause...well, i'm eating chocolate pudding for LUNCH....thats how i roll ;)

Here are a few of my favorite movie finds...
{FYI: i realize these videos are made by semi, if not real professionals, so i am not expecting the same caliber
...they are just to get your wheels a turnin'}

{via cup of jo}

also, Kera says she'll be your friend if you love this video as much as she does...and believe me you want to be her friend :)

So if you have a MAC, there is NO excuse why you haven't made your own! don't be intimidated, eets so easy!! But first, lets see who's down. Just leave me a comment...

{FYI: iMovie HD is my preference, get it here. for PC try NERO or Movie maker?}
...also, spread the worrrrrrd!
{find my creations here.}


Caroline Dahlberg said...

I am down.... and if I win send me that chocolate pudding!!!! :) LOVE THE IDEA!!! Are you going on any trips this summer, it can be any where, go to my blog and check out the post about how I am featuring an adventurer a month, I would love to feature you. Just let me know, here is my blog

Rachael Earl said...

Don't Stop Me Now video=my favorite of all time!

jasmine said...

hmmmmm. i might have to do this! i hope your pudding for lunch was enough! (i totally eat fishie crackers for meals on a regular basis.)

valerie said...

yes yes yes. I need a good idea though.....hrm........I need to think on this one.

Great idea!!!!

Sara said...

I just wanted to say that eating pudding for lunch is not a sin. Why, just last Sunday, I had 3 pieces of triple strawberry pie for dinner... and I was not sorry. Be proud of your alternative eating style!

boots said...

so down, so excited!
i have to think of another song so i can copy (but not totally rip off) the wedding video at mine! so effin cute.

Sara said...

Hi, again. I have an award for you on my page, so feel free to stop by and "pick it up"!

Brooke said...

I'm down. Don't know what or how to do it but I'm in. :)

I gave you an award. Look at my blog. :)

cara. said...

i didn't give you any awards. but i'm into this idea. thanks for linking my video (: big bear and i are gonna work on this. . .can't promise anything, seeing how i'm having a baby in a week but there will be an attempt.

cara. said...

oh and look at these videos that are kinda awesome too!

gangsta bride said...

that last remix is so awesome. i really wanna make my own video this summer.

ArizonaLewis said...

yo. yo. bring it.
so excited!

kelli christine case said...


just a little joie de'vivre

Peri said...

I love that 'Don't Stop Me Now'
It makes me want to be creative.
Your blog entertains me.
I love that father are important post because I have played SIMS before.

Laura said...

hello there.

a friend told me about your blog and about your summer video bonanza. great idea! so I'd like to submit the video I made to you.

here is a link to it because I don't really know how to post it anywhere else on the web:

thanks, and enjoy!


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