final project boo: leigh

a vacay from georgia to florida...
but all I want is a vacation out of my bed. 
sweet Leigh her best to take us all with her
and her cute brood of boys
{and we didn't even have to pack the car!}
Now if only i could get my butt out of the body shaped imprint in my mattress
...I could get my feet wet too.

thanks Leigh!
that's the most fresh air i've experienced all month ;)

{click here to view}

*Also, Hang tight peeps 
{regarding the finalists and prize up for grabs}
I have had a pretty awful couple of days
vomit wise
and I've been lucky to even get up to brush my teeth.

Tomorrow i will be choosing my top 5 summer videos for you all to vote on...
after which all videos will be switched into just links to your sites.
 {that way my page won't take 100 years to load anymore}
so it is your job to post them to your page 
{if you haven't already}
that way if you are a finalist
your peeps can vote for you!

thanks again to all who played/watched/commented/were inspired
this was a lot of fun 
and you all rocked it :)


heisschic said...

love the video-

and goodness gracious feel better! i have no words of advice or encouragement... very helpful, i know. just please know that you are being thought of and prayed for.

thoughts&prayers for you, the fam, and the baby.
(which should be in mommy's tummy, but somehow is making it's way to elyott and sheamus. i love the wisdom of 3yr olds)

Michelle said...

Aww I hope you feel better Carolyn!

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