sucker punched.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through my house 
not a surface was tidy, not even my couch.
The family was bundled by the bonfire together
With sparklers and stories, new blankets, cold weather
The mommy was done with her presents to wrap
 'til grandma came in dumping more on her lap :)
And when all the tradition and preparations were through, 
we left out some cookies and a little milk too.
The excited children fell right to sleep 
it seemed mommy and daddy had just started counting sheep 
when right at my bedside, though the morn was still dark, 
appeared a sweet girl who insisted we start.
Santa clause had brought "an unbelievable surprise!" 
and thus began Christmas, but though a child's eyes.

Elyott got big girl fingernails from Grandma, and Sheamus got 2 more reasons to punch unsuspecting family members in the face. 

Yes our Christmas was very merry {and very messy}...and now I'm ready to reclaim my house ;) 2009...


stacie and geoffrey... said...

thanky you!
my sister(s) went to gilbert/highland. assuming you live in az, maybe that's why you know them?

brit.brit.brit said...

omg those wings are flippin adorable.where'd you get em!!? i want some for my tree next year!!

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