i like it

Personal finance is like a beautiful bird, when you least expect craps in your face.

Had I not been ambushed by said "bird" like 43 times this year, I would have gone hog wild with my internet shopping.  Here are a few things I might have purchased for my kids were it not for this armpit of an economy ;)  

Because I am nothing if not keeping you up to date on things that you wish you could buy, but totally don't need.  It just feels so good to just see it pictured together, like a internet whore's dream....(wavy lines) doodleedoo, doodleedoo, doodleedoo....


ok, i really wouldn't get this last one for my kids, but only cause they wouldn't appreciate how amazing it was. Nesting dolls are such treasures.

...only if they are going with the "britney over the years" theme, wouldn't it have been more accurate to have made the biggest size doll of her in a dress that was clearly designed to be worn as a shirt, her crotch rot fishnet tights and a bag of cheetos?? {I feel for the girl, i do, i'm just saying}

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