my better half.

Last week i mopped half of my floor.

...this draws upon a most prominant theme in my life: freaking balance {or lack thereof}. The thing is I am a "half doer".  BUT, I always eventually finish...I just halfway alternate between like 15 things at once.  As I type I notice the half removal of my chipping nailpolish.  I seriously only took it off the one hand {which makes me think of how amazing it was that it was actually on both hands in the first place, since i usually only paint the left side, what a lame-o}

I have been known to inadvertently coat only one of my eyes with mascara. Right now i find myself with makeup on, but no bra?!? I'm such a centaur (you know those horse/human things, but minus all the body hair and hooves cause, gross.) half of me is a multitasking genius, the other half is, i don't know...hanging with unicorns er... shooting a bow and arrow??

Summer, {who has heard this time and again} you are always good for psychoanalyzing my "quirks" what is up with me?? {aside from a little more mood stabilizers and a little less caffeine} I was apparently only HALF listening when you told me the first time.

With or without a solution, thankfully my usually willing and always my loving husband is a "finisher". He "completes me" {vomit, i know}. Swooping in on so many of my misguided projects.  Now if he'd only get me ready in the mornings....{sigh}

**also: 2009 is not agreeing with me blogging.


Chandra said...

I think you are too hard on yourself. The fact that you are so creative is probably why you alternate between so many things at once. Don't look at it as a negative, it is probably one of the best things about you. Plus quirky people are always more interesting and fun.

And that is what awesome husbands are fill in the gaps. Adam should feel lucky because he gets to reep all of the blessings that comes from being the finisher. haha Or at least that is what you should tell him.

PS How do you forget your bra??? I feel naked without one on. LOL

Carolyn said...

you nailed it. i am a self deprecating mess! I should stop, but then i'd have to make fun of other people (who am i kidding..i do that too)

Anyway, yes adam is a good helper. and i think even he prefers me with a bra, rest assured its only when I don't leave the isn't comfortable but that just shows you the depth of my scatterbrain syndrome.

Deborah said...

just hang in there carolyn. maybe someday you will get the satisfaction of being a finisher as well.
but for now, the rest of us will just sit back and laugh.

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