Is it just me guys...

...or are my pants getting smaller? My brain is saying "no one knows those pants you just grew out of were already your thanksgiving pants" but my love handles are salivating at the thought of gas station nachos.
In the span of one week I popped not one, but 2 buttons off pants while I was wearing them! Not to mention my favorite jeans that did this:

Is this some sick joke? Have i sold my soul to the devil in exchange for a few pans of seven layer bars?? Caught between two marathon training downtime...A few overly ambitious stints at the junk cupboard, and i am ready to star in that new subway commercial .

Alas, this week i am giving away those delusional-when-i-bought-them-but-were-$10-at-Anthropologie-so-i-had-to-buy-them-even-if-they-would-only-fit-for-a-week-even-if-i-starved-myself-for-five-pants....and will go buy the denial free jeans that fit me now, and rock them anyway.  Cause i do like my shape, and this is my attempt to prove it to the world without flashing my left cheek or flattening car tires with my rogue buttons ;)

p.s. my girl turned 6!! check back for a soon for the account of her celebration and more!
p.p.s. bogging vacations are great for getting crap done. I maybe just took a really long one ;) 


S and K said...

glad you are back from your blogging break....that I DO NOT approve of, but whatever. Thanks for making me laugh today with the great post! and I can only feel so sad about you even stinking fitting into a size 26!!!! oh the days when I was back in JUNIOR HIGH!!! But the buttons popping off did made me think of that funny commercial--don't know what that commerical is for but it cracks me up everytime!

Chandra said...

Whatever! You are already too cute and skinny that it is sickening. And I don't feel bad that you have to go and buy a bigger pair of jeans. So instead of a 2 you are now a 4? LOL

I was on this not eating kick and was down like 6 pounds, and was all excited because I weighed less than half of what Jason does. But then I got into the "damn, fresh croissants are freaking delicious" kick and those pounds somehow found me again. When I got onto the Wii fit I had to tell it a little white lie that I had on "thick" clothing to try and delude myself that those buttery biscuits of sin didn't go straight to my butt. hehe

Oh well, I have another 2 weeks until Valentine's day to work off those pesky pounds.

I can't wait to see the birthday pics. :)

The Payne family said...

I certainly can't say that I don't have a few pairs of jeans that look like that myself. No shame in that.

Deborah said...

phew. i was wondering when those 7 layer bars were going to start packing on the lbs. you know that was my evil plan all along. make carolyn seven layer bars and she will gain weight. maybe i am like my mom. yikes!
whatever skinnybutt. just go to the gym for a week and you will be back into your skinny jeans.

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