guess what??

We had a baby! you already knew that (front)
Make believe this isn't being mailed 6 months late, and be excited for the first baby announcement I have ever made*(third times a charm?)
Happy 6th month baby.
we love you sonny bear!!
Some sweet sonny facts:
*almost everytime you pick him up, he farts. He's basically a squeaky toy/whoopie cushion...a squoopie??
*he literally smiles at everything (ie. if i were to pick his nose mid sleep, he'd open his eyes, flash a gummy smile and then continue on with his dream of a mother who didn't like to pick things)
*he has curly flyaway "whoville" hair that gets little dingle berries. Each time I have to cut one out, I'm pretty sure a fairy falls from the sky.
team boo 's you *(and sayRED for all your help)


Sara said...

Between the squeaky farts, the sleep-picking and the dingleberries, I'm sold.

Raquel said...

Aren't dingleberries little turdballs guys get on their butt hairs? LOL

All of your kids are totes adorable.

communikate. said...

Love it.
Love that his middle name is Fletch. My husband would go crazy over that middle name {it's his FAVORITE movie!}

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