so when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong.

wanna hear something 75% hillarious, but 100% pathetic? after i posted about my glorious teamBoo pillow giveaway. you know the one. the one that isn't perfect but is free and awesome? the one where all you have to do is comment that you are already a teamBoo follower (cause i have eyeballs and i know you're there) and you are in the running? 

i'll tell you what happened....i LOST two followers.

I realize the heart is a little big and the talking part looks a wee bit like a clam foot, but seriously are you guys allergic to free stuff? Are you afraid that since i always tell you how scummy i am, there will be boogers on it or something?? Do you not like LOVE?!? this is about encouraging me to keep sewing guys. sheesh ;)

Then Sheamus pooped in the bath. you know, the kind that breaks into a bajillion pieces but that are still too big to go down the drain. Adam played the "sensitive gag reflex" card (said in a dopey voice that he'd claim he sounds nothing like), and i cleaned it up solo.

BUT its cool cause then Elyott (who BTW came home from school today in a thrifted full unicorn costume that my sister surprised her with during carpool...amazing) reminded me that, amongst all her very precocious verbal skills, she still refers to the Falcon (her school mascot) as a "Phallic-on"

...that always makes me giggle. i'm basically a ten year old boy inside.

team boo 's you


Dawn said...

i love your blog, because i always laugh.
because you say things right on, no sugar coating.
i freaking love it.

Kait said...

You gained a follower yesterday too! Me! :)

Kara said...

you are hilarious. really.

Taylor K said...

You lost two followers? That is BS. I hate it when I lose a follower.

Cleaning up poop is a blue job. Tell your husband. Gag reflex or not, poop is for dads.

Megan Marie said...

hahaha. how are you so funny? I want to be funny like you!

Maybelline said...


i just found your blog a whole hot minute ago and i've been rollin ever since. you know you have a good blog when my husband FINALLY inquires about what i'm always reading! and then i proceed to read him some excerpts and he actually is intrigued! and... we may or may not have stayed up til 2am reading it(weeeeell technically he koncked out after the 1st couple entries but i continued on)

ps. your writing is RIDICULOUS ! (as in amazing... b/c i totally said it like homeboy from mad tv describes the back of homegirl's head ;)

ok enough rambling. the end .

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