the 90's called...and it wants its groove back.

Today, being the first day of the new school year, I walked around aimlessly from room to room checking different clocks to ensure i didn't lose track of when to pick my kids up. By 3 o'clock I realized that not only did I get nothing substantial accomplished, but I wore a *mickey mouse t-shirt. ALL DAY. To me this is less about fashion a faux-pa and more just a crime against my basic life principles (and I DO mean all disrespect to any other "character" clothing on adults). I practically won't even let my kids wear a mickey mouse t-shirt (unless were IN Disneyland) Which brings me to a few burning questions for myself:
-first of all, why do i even own a mickey mouse shirt!?
-second, why is it on my body?
-and third, why haven't i set it on fire yet????
My misguided sense of myself these days, I fear, is making even those around me sad. I need to re-group...find my rhythm, and get a hold of myself...or I may run straight into the embrace of an argyle sweater vest and make nothing but hamburger helper for dinner. No wonder I've been in such a bad mood :/
*(Not to mention i both picked up and dropped both kids at their schools wearing this)
team boo 's you (and other bloggers like Renee because she always knows just how to say it...and then make me feel all better :)


Christopher said...

Speaking of "90's grooves" my friends and I just compiled a 90's music mix and had a dance party. My "signature" move was actually stolen from you. The raunchy one where you lean on the counter and do the nasty butt weaving. They were impressed. Thanks sis, can always rely on you for a good time, even in a different country.

moonshinejunkyard said...

you know what is the most disgusting thing in the whole entire world? overalls with winnie the pooh on them. there is no excuse, NO EXCUSE. ever. now a vintage mickey shirt could almost be cute, but good luck anyway.

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